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Case Of The Missing Gold Fish : 

Case Of The Missing Gold Fish By :Irma 6b-2

The facts : 

The facts I slept with my gold fish we waked up, we had our breakfast, we took a bath…and we went to the computer we where logging in for facebook . I went to the bathroom and when I came back he wasn’t there.

The description : 

The description What my goldfish looks like? What my goldfish was wearing? His eyes where blue and little, and he is small. He was wearing a leather coat and black All stars. He had sunglasses of channel. He had an ipad with him.

What happened? : 

What happened? My neighbor liked that fish so much that he kidnapped him for 2 weeks. The fish cried and cried because he wanted to see me that my neighbor didn’t support him and he through the fish out side. I went out side to through the trash I saw my fish there. So I picked him up and took him home.