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Case of the missing goldfish : 

Case of the missing goldfish Nelly Pineda 6c -2

The Facts : 

The Facts My goldfish and I got up at 2:00 in the afternoon on Friday we went to eat lunch. Then we went to a store to buy ourselves some clothes for the biggest party of the year. Then we went to the party and my goldfish got herself a boyfriend! Then we went home and my goldfish went to the bathroom and never came back, I opened the bathroom door and she wasn’t there I checked in the shower and nothing. :S

The description : 

The description What my goldfish looks like. What my goldfish was wearing My goldfish has brown hair She is thin She has a blackberry always. She always has a camera. It was wearing some purple and black vans A black plain shirt. Some purple shorts. A few bobby pins. My same hair style. 

What happened? : 

What happened? She called me by her blackberry. I immediately went to pick her up and I bought another bowl. She took a bath because she was dirty and she felt dirty. Then we went shopping again. I bought her new clothes and I bought her a computer. We went to eat our favorite food in the world and then we went to Roatan.

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