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Case of the missing Goldfish : 

Case of the missing Goldfish Juan Carlos Navarro 6A-1

The Facts : 

The Facts I woke up with my Goldfish at 10.00 am We went to have fun at a rollercoaster When we got out of the rollercoaster he was missing.

The Description : 

The Description What my goldfish looks like. What my goldfish was wearing. He is orange, and he is 1 meter wide and 1.40 long. He is 2 years,7 months,16 days, 10 hours,45 minutes and 38 seconds old. His name is Jack He is sleepy

What Happened : 

What Happened When I was searching for him I couldn’t find him because he went to my house to sleep. When I went home I finded him he was sleeping on his bowl of water.

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