Summer Care for Your Lawn

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Summer Care for Your Lawn

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Be Smart About Watering Schedules ● Its no secret that your lawn needs to be watered regularly in order to stand a chance against the persistent heat. ● The trick is to be smart about when and how you water your lawn. ● Watering your grass early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun isnt very strong will give your lawn the best chance of survival. ● If you water your lawn during the hours when the sun is the strongest the water will evaporate faster. ● Make sure you lawn is getting at least an inch of water every week. ● To prevent wasting water arrange your sprinklers so that they water your lawn and not the cement areas that surround it.

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How to Mow the Lawn in the Summer ◦ Mowing the lawn can seem like a very straightforward chore but changing a few things about the way you mow your lawn this summer can help keep your grass healthier. ◦ Just like watering mowing the lawn in the morning or the evening can yield better results for your grass. ◦ When you trim the blades of grass they stay open and can dry out faster if this is done during the hottest hours of the day.

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