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Valentina R :

Valentina R fall 2011 technology portfolio

Valentina :

Valentina I absolutely love pandas!!! My favorite color is pink. My favorite movie has to be Titanic. My best friend is Daniel Becher !!!! Lastly, I love watching and going to hockey games!!!! And I have 2 younger brothers.

Key terms :

Key terms Technology - the practical use of human knowledge to extend human abilities and to satisfy human needs and wants. System - an organized way of achieving a goal.

Key terms :

Key terms Input, process, output, feedback- the parts of a system. Input is what is put into a system. Process is the action part of a system. Output is the result of a systems process. Feedback tells whether or not the system is on track. Communication technology - the processes used to exchange information.

Key terms :

Key terms Engineering - designing products of structures so they are sound and deciding how they should be used. Prototype - a working model.

Name Game :

Name Game The system we used for the name game was input, process, output, feedback. The benefits are to learn everyone's name and 3 things about them. That the people that were rotating weren't able to interview each other. By putting people in different tables and they interviewed each other.

Marshmallow challenge :

Marshmallow challenge

Marshmallow challenge :

Marshmallow challenge The marshmallow challenge is when we tried to make a structure stand. We used spaghetti sticks, a marshmallow, tape and string. We got 18 minutes to try and build a structure. The goal was to make a tall structure. We tried to make like a little hut. We thought about making something unique and we came up with some hut looking thing.