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Technology Portfolio Brett B Fall, 2011

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My name is Brett B. My favorite thing to do is play baseball. I play all day every day. I also like playing soccer and basketball. My favorite color is green. And my favorite animal is a dog. My favorite food is tacos. In my free time I like playing sports mostly baseball. Brett

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More About Me My favorite school subject is math. My favorite sports teams are the Yankees, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the New York Giants. My favorite baseball player is Derek Jeter.

Key Terms 1:

Key Terms 1 Technology- the practical use of human knowledge to extend human abilities and to satisfy human needs and wants. System- an organized way of achieving a goal.

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Key Terms 2 Input, process, output, feedback- The parts of a system . Input is what is put into a system. Process is the action part of a system. Output is the result of a system’s process. Feedback tells whether not the system is on track. Communication Technology-the process used to exchange information.

Key Terms 3 :

Key Terms 3 Engineering-designing products or structures so that they are sound and deciding how they should be made and what materials should be used. Prototype- a working model

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It is a well organized game to meet everyone in your class. The system of the game is that half of the class sits down while the other half of the class goes around the room. The benefits of the game is to know everyone's name and what they like. The problem was that you were only meeting half of the class. We modified the system by having the people sitting down meet the other people that were sitting down. The Name Game

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Examples of Technology

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The Marshmallow Challenge The Marshmallow challenge is a challenge for anybody. You have 18 minutes to build the tallest free standing structure. You have to build it with a yard of tape, 20 uncooked spaghetti, and a string. The hard part is that you half to balance a marshmallow on the top. In our group we had a great idea, but once we had to put the marshmallow on top the structure kept falling down. We could complete the challenge.

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