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This introduction discusses their characteristics and naming conventions used with the alkyne family of hydrocarbons.


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Alkynes Unsaturated hydrocarbons with triple bonds between carbons are alkynes General formula: C n H 2n-2

Properties of Alkynes:

Properties of Alkynes Carbons involved in a triple bond are closer than those in double bonds or single bonds Triple bond is stronger than double or single bond 2 pi bonds are extremely reactive, and will break easily Pi bonds prevents rotation on either end of the axis Linear shape prohibits geometric isomers

Naming Alkynes:

Naming Alkynes Find the longest continuous chain of carbons containing the triple bond (stem) Ending is “-yne” Carbons are numbered from the end closer to the triple bond Position number of triple bond is that of the first carbon encountered in the triple bond (written in front of the stem)

Naming Alkynes:

Naming Alkynes 1-propyne or propyne 2-pentyne 4-ethyl-2-heptyne Pause the Presentation and complete the remaining examples

Naming Alkynes:

Naming Alkynes 2,4-heptadiyne 3,6-dimethyl-4-octyne Pause the Presentation and complete the remaining example