Top tips to kick-start your revision

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Top tips to kick-start your revision : 

Top tips to kick-start your revision Cameron Dunn, Chief Examiner

What should you be doing? : 

What should you be doing? With the exams approaching it’s important to get into a high gear and prepare fully. Get organised Sort out files, identify gaps and fill them. Make a plan Identify times when you will revise different key topics. Make sure you have a copy of the Specification ….and use this as a checklist to ensure you have covered everything .

Practice makes perfect : 

Practice makes perfect You should practice past questions (the January exam). Other exam style questions can be found in the textbooks and unit guides that support the course. The more you do, the more feedback you will get and the greater your improvement will be.

Key terminology : 

Key terminology Remember that this is a new Specification. It contains new terminology which you need to be able to define. The terminology is used in exam questions so you need to know what it all means. Make glossaries of key terms and consult the textbooks if you are unsure.

Active revision : 

Active revision For the vast majority of students revision works best when it is active. Passive reading of notes is a poor way to revise. Try to: Condense notes by re-writing them Use diagrams and mind maps Put key case studies and examples onto revision cards

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