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Exam technique for Unit 2:Resource based questions : 

Exam technique for Unit 2:Resource based questions David Holmes, Principal Examiner Unit 2

Aims : 

Aims To reinforce the assessment demands and importance of time management To see how to prepare for different types of resource To suggest some strategies to maximise potential marks

Timings – a quick reminder! : 

Timings – a quick reminder!

What this may mean….. : 

What this may mean…..

Command words : 

Command words

Help to deconstruct the title (part a example) : 

Describe – say what you see Physical AND human Focus on the coast section Help to deconstruct the title (part a example)

‘Doing’ the photo : 

‘Doing’ the photo Would have been good here to create points of reference, e.g. foreground background, upper left quadrant etc

Response? : 

Response? Try to go for a balanced range of ideas. Keep the writing ‘free of fluff’

Examples of success (parts a & b) : 

Examples of success (parts a & b)

Part ‘c’s : 

Part ‘c’s How many marks is this going to be worth?

This is better….. : 

This is better….. Detail, depth and looks at ‘roles’. Well located.

Key points for remember…. : 

Key points for remember…. Time management is critical for all of Unit 2 You need to very clear about the ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ structure of the Unit 2 exam paper + tarrifs Quality not quantity – you don’t have to fill all the space for an A grade (some Qs have lost of lines) You should prepare your fieldwork and research notes so they are ‘revision friendly’ You need to manage time properly during the exam Think about levels mark schemes, and how to ‘climb the steps’ (L1-L3/L4)

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