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Snow Leopard : 

Snow Leopard Jacob Barr Mr. Avery 10/27/10

Description : 

Description The population of the Snow Leopard is 3,000 to 7,000 in the world. The Snow Leopard is grayish white with black spots. Snow Leopards eat Boars, Arkhar, Markhor, Bharal, Ibex, Mamots, and other small rodents.

Habitat : 

Habitat The Snow Leopard is found in central Asia stretching from northwestern China to Tibet and the Himalayas. The Snow Leopard prefers mountain steppes and coniferous forest scrub as it’s habitat.

Reasons They’re Endangered : 

Reasons They’re Endangered Snow Leopards were once heavily hunted because their pelts were sold for a very high price in the fur market. We should stop hunting them and let them survive so they don’t become extinct.

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