Paper 1 Section A - Exemplar Answers

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Paper 1 Section A:

Paper 1 Section A

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First sentence refers to audience and purpose First point indicated with connective Explanation with (unnecessary) connective

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Second point introduced with connective The ‘what’ is developed with other content – answer is shaped. Moreover implies development of the ‘how’ – related to audience and purpose.

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First sentence refers to audience and purpose. Point introduced with connective. Doesn’t refer to the anecdote precisely, although does contain the ‘how’.

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Points introduced with connective Point and evidence not integrated, but present Not entirely specific ‘how’, but attempts

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Audience and purpose first sentence ‘What’ contains integrated quote ‘how’ uses modal verb to imply speculation

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Although not a language question, language device reference is judicious Some written errors – ‘their’ and ‘suggest’ do not detract Explores the ‘how’ of the final succinctly – needs more specific textual reference perhaps