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Location, location, location:

Adam Ching (707) 712-1703 [email protected] Location, location, location

History of the Men’s wearhouse:

History of the Men’s w e arhouse In 1973 the first Men’s W e arhouse opened in Houston Texas The company incorporated in 1974, and in 1991 became publicly traded. Currently retains almost 11,000 employees Mission Statement To maximize sales, provide value to our customers and deliver top quality customer service while still having fun and maintaining our values. These values include nurturing creativity, growing together, admitting to mistakes, promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle, enhancing a sense of community and striving toward becoming self-actualized people. International Directory of Company Histories

Determining business activity:

Determining business activity Some important factors that need to be considered when choosing a location include: Do your customers come to you? Do you have to go to your customers? Do you have employees? Do you manufacture products for distribution?


Methodology Everyone has heard the old real estate saying, “When it comes to business only three things matter, location, location, location”. Contemporary business people are beginning to shift their views with the belief that how you run your business is just as important as where you put it. The Location Equation

Ease of access:

Ease of access Another factor to consider is the accessibility of the location. In cases of suburban areas, which most Men’s Wearhouse’s are located, most people may get around by car. You'll need to make sure you are close to major streets, and have plenty of parking.

Nearness to Competitors :

Nearness to Competitors A factor when determining a location includes how close you want to be to your competitors. In a retail business such as the Men’s Wearhouse there may seem to be an advantage to locate away from competition. However, operating close to competition may prove beneficial.

Nearness to competitors cont.:

Nearness to competitors cont. Shopping malls are good examples of how being near to competition can prove beneficial. Most malls are full of clothing shops The amount of potential customers increase exponentially on a per-store basis around a concentration of similar businesses. For example, while one store might attract 50 customers, two stories might attract 200 customers, and three stories might attract 1,000 customers. Since MW relies on foot traffic, shopping mall locations may be advantageous locations.

Zoning and permits:

Zoning and permits In addition to a strategically located business, one must make sure legality with the city is secured. This encompasses all permits be acquired and zoning ordinances be followed.

market research:

market research Market Research Defined: Market research is the process of gathering information about your customers, competitors, and market trends. In Fresno alone, some of the competition faced by Men’s Wearhouse is Nordstrom, JC Penny’s, Fresno Suit Outlet, Patrick James, and Macy’s . Even with such an extensive array of men’s suit vendors, there is a sufficient customer base to keep them all thriving. Within the realm of market trends, secondary market trends typically occur for suit retailers during certain times of the year. For instance, Wedding season and holidays.

The result:

The result In Fresno alone, the Men’s Wearhouse has been thriving at each of its three locations. The area that they chose to operate is at and around the fashion fair mall. There location and business strategy have led them to be a leader in their industry.


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