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Funnel cake low in carbohydrates and sugar free. If you have ever been to a state fair you probably have seen this. The state and county fairs seem to be a hot bed of everything fried. The funnel cakes are that suggested dough that has been fried and sprinkled with more sugar. Add a dressing or add a dressing to it and you can easily ingest more than 800 calories. That is if you dare to eat just one. Read more at: However sometimes you just have to try something once. Certainly if we buy one of these at a fair we might be tempted to eat all the cake. While I like to try things once in a while a fried dough with a lot of sugar is not my thing. Thats why Ive found a way to do this without added sugar and baked. Classic funnel cake is not really a cake at all. Instead this iconic dessert is made with a fried spiral dough topped with fresh strawberry sauce and generously sprinkled with a lot of powdered sugar. The combination of crunchy fried dough and sweet and spicy strawberry sauce is unforgettable. Keto pound Cake This basic cake has the perfect blend of flavors. Its just enough lemon and vanilla to add a good layer of added flavor to this standard cake. Do not you care about the lemon extract Simply replace the lemon extract with more vanilla extract or use another extract. The beauty of this recipe is that it is easily adaptable and can change the flavors to suit your own tastes. Sometimes I will use only vanilla extract instead of lemon or I will use butter extract with vanilla extract. When Im really in the mood I add some berries before baking. The texture of this cake is very dense and rich. I do not doubt that you can easily cheat someone who is not following a Keto diet plan. Its flavor is like a flour-based cake. Its sweet enough without being too sweet. If you want to add more sweetness to the bread I would suggest a very small amount of stevia instead of adding more erythritol. This cake freezes either whole or in individual slices. Personally I find it easier to cut the bread before freezing it. That way whenever I feel like a last minute dessert I can just get this out of the freezer. I like to let it thaw on the counter for a couple of hours. No need to put in the microwave. Read more about keto pound cake visit our website.

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