9 Reasons to not hire cheap Removalists

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www.movemystuff.com.au 9 Reasons Why You Shouldnt Hire Cheap Removalist

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Choosing a removalist just because it is cheaper than others may cost you more in the end. Always opt for a certified removalist. Look for Certification

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Beware of Hidden Charges What some companies do is quote a low price add hidden charges later on which would end up costing you more than a reputed removalist.

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Experience You wouldnt like to unpack broken items or damaged furniture. Hiring cheap inexperienced removalists will put your possessions at risk.

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Insurance Is your cargo insured Ask the removalist about their policies regarding insurance how they handle damage claims.

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Tools Equipment Do they have proper tools equipment to move the items Often cheap removalists dont have the required tools due to cost cutting.

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Professionalism Cheap removalists usually have ill mannered professionals who often mishandle the items causing you more harm than good.

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Customer Service To cut costs they either dont have a support or it is poorly managed. Where would you call if one of your items got misplaced

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Paying in Cash Cheap removalists have a habit of accepting only cash to avoid GST. Avoid this if you don ’t support unethical practices.

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Peace of Mind A better removalist will take proper care of your belongings and will leave you peaceful happy in the end.

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It is always better to pay more initially than to end up being swindled by a cheap removalist. Find More Reasons to not hire cheap removalist

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