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Heartburn is very difficult to keep under control and can therefore panic people into running to the pharmacy when that highly painful feeling in the chest or upper central abdomen sets in. We provide in this document best advice to keep you pain relief


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Heartburn is very difficult to keep under control and can therefore panic people into running to the pharmacy when that highly painful feeling in the chest or upper central abdomen sets in. Conventional medicine is seldom any real good for fixing heartburn as it provides only short-term alleviation of symptoms. For true long-term solutions the solution lies elsewhere in alternative ways of cure the problem. The easiest and the most effective is heartburn natural relief. Instead of hoping for results from a solution that is not designed to give them make the move to a better one heartburn natural relief. This is better than conventional medication which does nothing to lessen the effects of heartburn in the long term. When conventional medicine stops acting heartburn comes back twice as strong. While there are numerous reasons for experiencing heartburn there are a few that are considered more apt to be the culprit. Click Here for a list of the top eight causes of heartburn. 1 Caffeine drinks - Tea coffee and soda which contain caffeine can cause the lower esophageal LES sphincter to relax. This causes stomach juices to enter your esophagus. 2 Chocolate - Chocolate contains theobromine which is also found in caffeine plants also relaxes the LES muscle. This allows the gastric acids to flow directly into the esophagusophagus 3 Fatty and fried foods - This type of food has a slow digestive rate. The food stays in the stomach longer than normal which increases pressure. The pressure gives the acid the ability to go directly for the esophagus. 4 Tomatoes and tomato products - Products containing tomatoes as well as the tomatoes themselves can allow the LES to relax. These food items generate a lot more stomach acid than what is considered normal. 5 Alcohol - This is one other culprit as soon as it comes to relaxing the LES and enabling acid within the stomach to flow inside the esophagus. 6 Tobacco - The chemicals contained in tobacco allows the LES to weaken. 7 Eating too much - When you eat large quantities of food this puts extreme pressure on the LES which allows digested food into the esophagus. This occurs a lot more normally at night than through the day. The large dinner you eat and go to bed on can cause the food that is digesting in the stomach to push against the LES. 8 Clothing that is too tight - If your pants are very tight they may create heartburn problems. The constant pressure against the stomach will put pressure on the LES and will allow food to go into the esophagus. The heartburn youre dealing with might be the cause of gastroesophageal reflux disease. If you have heartburn quite often and have tried all the solutions recommended you may want to consult your doctor. The real culprit may be acid reflux. Knowing for sure what is bothering you will put you one step closer to solving the problem. Symptoms of Heartburn People who are suffering from heartburn usually have one or more of these common complaints what are the causes and how long does heartburn last. Understanding these key symptoms is important in order for your doctor to come up with the best diagnosis and treatment options for you.

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1. Burning sensation in the chest - This sensation typically originates behind the breastbone or sternum and extends up to the throat. This symptom is often encountered following a meal. The discomfort can last for a few minutes all the way to several hours. This is one of the most common symptoms of heartburn which is considered as a determinant to rule out the condition. 2. A bitter or sour taste in the mouth - This problem usually happens when the stomach contents reflux all the way up to the esophagus. This is why a person will often get a bitter or sour taste in their mouth. This symptom can be very disturbing for a lot of people because it can affect your normal eating habits and food digestion. Some people also experience vomiting as a result of this reflux. This can indeed make the situation even worse. 3. Burning sensation in the throat - People who suffer from heartburn complain of burning sensation around the neck area and sometimes lower. The pain is further aggravated by swallowing. This irritation is secondary to stomach content reflux that goes up into the throat. Among the symptoms of heartburn this is the most bothersome for the majority of people because of the burning type of pain. It can severely prevent you from eating due to painful swallowing. 4. Dysphagia or swallowing difficulty - This occurs when the food that is eaten does not pass normally through the esophagus on its way down to the stomach. The person may complain about the food is getting stuck along the throat. Effective Home Remedies for Heartburn h3Heartburn Relief Foods/h3 Modifying dietary habits is a natural way to cure heartburn or acid reflux. If heartburn is persistent but mild you should take a close look at your food and drink habits. Judiciously avoid spicy foods fatty foods hot foods such as chilli peppers foods rich in sauces and gravies fried foods such as French fries and fried onion rings Soda drinks smoking and overeating. Consume Aloe Vera Juice Intake of aloe vera juice can reduce heartburn. It is advisable to drink aloe vera juice 1/4th cup 15 - 20 minutes before each meal to obtain effective results .This remedy should be used on a regular basis to obtain quick relief. Drink Vegetable Juices An individual can consume vegetable juice carrot cucumber radish beetroot and so on in order to get relief from heartburn. Consumption of cabbage juice empty stomach in the morning can provide better results. Milk for Heartburn Many patient ask if is milk good for heartburn A glass of warm milk taken with a few teaspoons of honey is a simple remedy for heartburn. Soothing tasty and easy to make with easily available ingredients it continues to be a favourite with most heartburn sufferers. Papaya Regular intake of raw pineapple can treat heartburn. Consumption of pineapple juice can help an individual in curing the problem of heartburn.

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NB Do not try to live with the discomfort because heartburn is treatable and can be prevented. Becoming aware of the symptoms of heartburn will help you determine if you are suffering from GERD.

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