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Product Engineering Company- IoT, Semiconductor & Systems. MosChip is Product Development company with over 16+ years of extensive expertise in semiconductor / systems / IoT engineering from SoC (Systems on Chip), Embedded Systems Design, Cloud and Mobile Software development catering to the Aerospace & Defence, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Telecommunications, Mobile industries. With over 400+ Clients in 140 countries, Moschip has also put its footprint in the field of IoT, Cloud and Connected Devices domain. Driven by a positive outlook, Moschip is moving to more flexible, agile models.


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Over view:

Over view MosChip is a complete Product Development company with deep engineering expertise in Chip Design, Systems Design, Software development for IOT & Vision solutions. We have 16+ years of proven track record with unique combination of product engineering skills, domain knowledge and technology expertise in segments such as aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications, mobile electronics and security etc. We help our customers to reduce time–to-market of their products with our field proven IP’s. Our product development experience with SOC, wireless connectivity, software, and systems engineering allows us to be able to meet even the most complex hardware and software design challenges. With a large pool of engineers segmented into teams with multiple engineering disciplines, MosChip can deliver ASIC, firmware, drivers, boards, and platform solutions 2

Awards & Recognition:

Awards & Recognition Winner of “BEST PRODUCT DESIGN COMPANY IN A&D” at DEFTRONICS awards 2016 3


4 Our Journey Founded in 2000 Development 20 different products in Connectivity from inception Sold 10m+ chips to customer such as Toshiba, Sony, IBM more Developed SOC MCS8142 in 2010 Listed on BSE in 2001 Acquisition of controlling stake by Techwave 2016 Key Defense Projects awarded April 2016 Acquisition of Elite Plus, Orange, Maven (IoT) & Next Generation(Board) Emerged as a strong players in IoT Additional $10m funding by Promoters YTD MosChip valuation Growth 15x


Locations 5 Pune Hyderabad (HQ) IND Bengaluru Project and Sales Offices Design Centre, Project and Sales Office Singapore Maidenhead (UK) Milpitas (USA)

Service & Offerings:

Service & Offerings Turnkey solutions Provider 6 MOSCHIP “A Solution Company” Internet of Things IoT Enablement Semiconductor Development System & FPGA Platform Solutions IP Development for Vision Processing & Deep Learning Engineering Service W / Strategic Customer Engagement

Why MosChip ?:

Why MosChip ? 7 With 16+ years of successful track record MosChip provides a unique combination of product development expertise ranging from Chip Design to Systems Development. MosChip keeps up to its clients’ vision by developing their next generation flagship product lines, that are key and rare in the industry. Our customer driven approach focuses on all facets of the product development process, including not only technology, but also time-to-market and return on investment. We have a large pool of engineers segmented into teams with multiple engineering disciplines namely ASIC, firmware, drivers, boards, & platform solutions. Turnkey Solutions Innovation Driven Customer First Multi-Disciplined Team


Product Development Lifecycle Design Consulting Product Planning Product Development Post Market Support 8

SoC Design Expertise:

We will provide solution from Specification to GDSII Fully equipped to take end-to-end design services activities SoC Design Expertise Turnkey solutions Provider 9 Timing DFT RTL Coding Layout Synthesis Synthesis Specification Architecture Verification Planning Architecture IP Verification Soc Verification Fabrication Test Assembly/ Packaging Post Silicon Services Evaluation/Board Testing DESIGN VERIFICATION With Partners FABRICATION/PACKAGING POST SILICON

SoC Design Service:

(Providing services from Concept to Silicon) SoC Design Service 20+ ASIC Tape outs First Pass Silicon Achievement 100% On-Time Delivery FPGA to ASIC Translation 40nm TSMCLP Design 28nm TSMCLP verification 55mn gate density largest design Experience Summary Unique combination of Silicon & Systems Product development experience Outstanding Processes, templates, structures & checklist for scaling up Robust Internal Design Flows Low Power Design Expertise In-house developed reusable Cores (USB2.0 & 3.0) Early adopters of advanced ASIC Verification methodologies like VMM, OVM & UVM. Developed Scalable, Configurable, & Reusable Verification test bench Large Designs Exposure Analog/Mixed Signal Expertise Power Optimization Experience Yield Enhancement Services Key Differentiators 10

Case Study : Shikhara Soc:

(Targeted For TSMC 40nm Low Power ) Case Study : Shikhara Soc Shikhara SoC Features: ARM cortex A9 dual core processor with NEON VFPU Trust Zone Support for ARM. ADB400 for Power Management. ARC processor based AV417 Video Subsystem & Bluetooth Subsystem. MALI-400 - OPEN GL 2.0 & OPEN VG 1.1 GPU Over 250Million Transistors Firmware Development iBoot (Internal Boot Code Development). UBoot Boot loader development. Development of controller drivers Linux BSP development. Linux Root file system development Development of Test Applications to validate BT, Video, GPU, Camera and Display subsystem. Developed Shikhara architecture, design document for controller driver, etc . ASIC Development For Shikhara SoC Specifications to Silicon System Integration, Synthesis and Verification. Verification environment development using C, Assembly and VMM/UVM. The debug and Trace Capability to cover entire SoC. Perform Power aware DFT and ATPG generation. Development of FPGA platform for system level verification . Physical design and verification. Development of Load Board and Test Software (To Test SoC on ATE). Wafer Fabrication, packaging, assembly and testing (Using CMOS 40nm LP). Development of Evaluation board and board support package 11

Case Study:

High Definition Camera SoC Verification Case Study 12 Customer: US Based Company Verification of H.264 IP High Definition Camera SoC Services / Solution: System Verilog & C Language: Tensilica 233L, Tensilica 330HiFi Processors: IUS9.2 Tools Understand IP Specification & Design Architecture Documents Prepare Verification Environment Documents Implementation Execution & Start us Report DUT (IP & SoC) H . 264 encoder, RGMII, SDMMC / SDIO, USB2.0 OTG, GPIO, SPI, PWM, 12C, 12S, UART Verification Architecture & Test plan Documents Implementation of Verification Architecture & Test Cases (in SV & .C) Fictional Verification Sign – off on RTL

Case Study:

High Definition Camera SoC Verification Case Study 13 Adhering strict timelines to ensure time to market. Target to achieve 100% functional and code coverage on H.264 IP verification. Business Need Scope Challenges Business Benefits H.264 Encoder IP and SoC verification using System Verilog and C H.264 Encoder IP Verification Verification environment development using System Verilog Verification IPs development and test cases implementation in System Verilog Coverage-driven and Constrained-Random Verification Code and functional coverage analysis SoC Verification Verification environment development for all the peripherals in System Verilog. Implementation of test cases in C. Automate the verification environment using PERL Scripting. H.264 IP and SoC RTL verification sign off Developed reusable verification environment for all the peripherals which can be ported on IP and SoC H.264 IP validated thoroughly at IP level which reduced verification time at system level. Multiple teams working in parallel at different geographical locations to speed up the project execution and to reduce the cost.

System/Board Design Services:

System/Board Design Services PCB Designs of up-to 24 layers 250+ System designs of varied complexity High Density Interconnect (HDI) designs Handling 0.8mm pitch BGAs Design using Buried & Blind vias Impedance controlled and high speed designs Signal Integrity, Power Integrity & Thermal Analysis Dedicated resources for Schematic design, PCB design / Signal Integrity, Component assembly & Testing Full support PCB Manufacturing, components Assembly and equipment EDA Tools : Cadence & Mentor Graphics For Schematic Capture, PCB layout Signal Integrity, Power Integrity & Thermal Analysis Expertise in Multilayer Complex board designs Rich experience in High Speed Mixed signal designs (Analog, Digital & RF) Schematic Capturing & Component Library creation Signal & Power Integrity Reengineering High first time success rate Component Assembly Board bring up and testing System Debug (Leveraging product development to custom engineering services) 14 Board Design Capabilities System Design

System Engineering:

System Engineering High Density FPGA based design Soft Processor Integration IP Development & Integration Reference Design Development RTL Design & Synthesis Verification & Validation Hardware/Software Partitioning Test bench Generation Low power designs ASIC Prototyping Handling of High-end FPGAs Xilinx: Virtex-II Pro, Virtex-4/5/6, Virtex-7, Spartan, ARTIX, ZYNQ Altera: Cyclone-II/III, Stratix-III/IV FPGA Families - Xilinx & Altera Series Single and Multi Clock Domain Logic Frequencies up to 500MHz PLL, DLL an DCM Soft Processor - ARM, NIOS, MicroBlaze & Power PC Processor interfaces - AMBA AXI, AHB, APB, VCI, etc. Bus Interfaces USB 2.0/3.0, OTG, PCIe Gen 1/2/3, PCI, ISA, Ethernet(10/100/1000), TCP offload Engines RGMII, MII SATA, PATA, SDIO, FireWire, IrDA, CAN, I2C, SPI, … Audio/Video Interfaces - Codecs AC97, I2S, CSI, LVDS, Video ADC & DAC, HDMI, LCD, DSI, BT656, Memory interfaces SDRAM, DDR/2/3, LPDDR Flash (SPI & Parallel) CFD, SD Card, MMC … Wireless - WIFI 802.11 b/g/n, ZigBee, Bluetooth Voltage Levels - LVPECL, LVDS, LVCMOS, LVTTL Operating voltages 1v to 5v Storage Security: IEEE-P1619 compliant XTS-AES 15 FPGA Design Capabilities Domain Expertise

Embedded Software Services... :

Embedded Software Services... OS Porting & Board Support Package (BSP) Device Drivers – Bare metal, OS ARM, freeScale, TI, Samsung, Qualcomm Multimedia Middleware Components Display/Video/Audio controllers Audio/Video CODECs 3 rd Party IP, Application Integration System Integration & Validation Benchmark, Compliance Testing Product Development / Customization ASSP SW Development, Board Support Packages Boot loaders, OS/ Kernel Bring up, Porting Linux, VxWorks Android, Windows Device Drivers DMA, I2C, I2S, McBSP , UART (HS/FS) MMC/SD, SPI, eMMC , SDIO Touch Screen, LCD/LVDS NAND, NOR A/V, HDMI, MIPI DSI/CSI USB, WLAN, IrDA Ethernet, BT, PCI, PCIe Multimedia (Audio, Video) Power on Diagnostic, Power management Multi-Media Framework Dev & Porting Embedded Software 16 Platform Development (BSP)


Testing Expertise Summary Creation of Test Strategy Creating Test Plan Test Case Design Prepare and maintain Test Coverage/Specification documents Test Case Execution Defect Identification, Analysis & Fixing Communication written/oral Defect reporting & tracking Detailed Test Summary report creation Covering silicon, systems, embedded software and OS Types of Testing System integration and validation BSP Validation Benchmark testing Functional Testing Performance Testing Load/Stress Testing Reliability testing Compliance Testing Compatibility Testing Interoperability Testing Integration & Regression Testing UI Testing Environmental Stress Testing Automation Framework Development Test Suite Automation using C Shell Scripting Perl Scripting Python Scripting Areas Software Device Drivers Testing Embedded Application Testing Connectivity Testing PCI/ PCIe , Ethernet/ Serial / Parallel / USB/I2C /SPI/I2S Network Testing Network Protocols (TCP/IP Suite, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth), Storage Testing Testing of Storage Controllers like (SATA, NAND etc.) Consumer Network Storage solutions like NAS, iSCSI, AoE etc.) POS, Digital Signage etc. Areas of Testing Expertise Test Automation Testing Expertise… 17

Shikhara FPGA Platform :

(One Virtex – 7 FPGA & One ZYNQ – 7045 SoC) Shikhara FPGA Platform Key PCB Information : Board Size: 11” x 12” Layer Count : 16-Layered Component Count: 2388 Signal Nets Count: 8929 Virtex-7 FPGA pin Count # 1925 ZYNQ-7045 SoC pin Count# 900 Operating Frequency: Memory @1.067GT per second GTX links @6.25Gbps USB3.0 PIPE: [email protected] Critical Interfaces: DDR3 SDRAM, USB3.0 Gigabit Ethernet, GTX-Serial Link Interface SMC, CSI-DSI, HDMI, AUDIO High-Speed SI SAMTEC connectors Wireless Supported: Bluetooth GPS/GNSS 18

Case Study - Face Recognition System:

(Based on CAM LINK Data - Appliance Processor) Case Study - Face Recognition System 26-pin Miniature Delta Ribbon connector (MDR-26) RECONFIGURABLE FACE RECOGNITION PLATFORM Key PCB Information : Board Size: 216 x 215 mm Layer Count: 16 – Layered Component Count: 1706 Signal Nets Count: 1265 2# Virtex - 6 FPGA pin Count: 1156 1# Virtex - 5 FPGA Pin Count: 1738 Operating Freq: CAMLINK LVDS: 2GHz GTX link: 3.125GHz Critical Interfaces: DDR3 SDRAM USB2.0 Host Gigabit Ethernet GTX – Serial Link Interface CAMLINK 19

Case Study - OCTOPUS:

(Common Processor Board & Chassis) Case Study - OCTOPUS 20


Vision Related Core Competency and building more… Algorithm, Architecture, Camera Domain Expertise Delivered Multiple Generations of Imaging & Video Solutions Tremendous Customer History, Market Engagements Multiple Generations of Products Delivered in Previous Companies Delivered volume prod to mobile, activity, surveillance, dental and others Developed roadmap for products, multiple generations outlook Engaged with Major Customers From Concept to Production Standard products delivered to customers around the world Custom product with strategic partner Expertise in Camera Domain Advanced algorithms implemented Silicon & software architecture delivered Multiple markets addressed: activity; surveillance; DSLR/DSMC; embedded 21


IoT & Services... End to End Offering Hardware Boards & Modules From Sensor Network Custom Devices & Systems Scalable Cloud Platform Value Added Software & Services Collect & aggregate data in gateways & Smartphones IoT / M2M Platforms Ready for Connecting Large Numbers of Nodes Smartphone apps, alerts , Data Analytics Vertical Application Solutions 22


IoT & Services... M2M / IoT “ enablers & accelerators” Real – Time Data Transfer + Storage Remote over-the-air Firmware Upgrade Alerting Alarming Mechanism Remote Configuration Application Specific Reporting & Data Analysis Remote Diagnostics & Health Check WSN IoT Node WNS = Wireless Sensor Node Quickly Customize Solutions For New Domains Reduced Time to Market Using the M2M / IoT Accelerators ! Cloud Connectivity (Cellular / WiFi / Ethernet Application Specification Intelligence Local Data Handler & Storage Sensor/Actuator Interface Device Protocol Interface M2M Node Application Specification Node Intelligence Local Data Handler & Storage Sensor/Actuator Interface Device Protocol Interface WSN ( Zigbee / WiFi / BT Sub 1GHz Mesh) WSN Application Specification Intelligence Local Data Handler & Storage DCU / Gateway Cloud Connectivity (Cellular / WiFi / Ethernet WSN ( Zigbee / WiFi / BT Sub 1 GHz Mesh) 23


IoT Solutions Offering Street lighting Sub metering Solar/wind mills Heavy equipment School buses Township automation Residential metering Sales force monitoring Employee buses /cabs Offshore platforms Commercial vehicles Diesel generators Underground mining Commercial lighting 24


Asset Monitoring Vehicle Monitoring Smart Metering Solutions Smart Lighting Solutions Diesel Generator Monitoring Wearable Devices Remote Monitoring Solutions 25

Market Verticals Covered:

Market Verticals Covered Aerospace & Defense IoT, Cloud & Connected Devices Security Surveillance & Access Control Semiconductor Medical Devices Home & Industrial Automation Transport & Logistic Retail Medical Communication Automation Network & Telecom Consumer Electronics 26


Engineering Team INDIA : 248 USA : 18 UK / EUROPE : 10 ASIC/FPGA (83 Engineers) Design, Verification, Synthesis & STA IoT & platform (60 Engineers) Design, Software & Support Board Design, Layout Testing (58 Engineers) Design, Layout & Testing SOFTWERE (48 Engineers) BSP, Linux, Driver development & Testing Total : 276 ENGINEERS 27


MosChip EDA & Languages Cadence IUS Synopsys VCS-MX, MVSIM, MVRC Synopsis–DC for synthesis, Prime Time for STA Surelint by Verisity for Linting Cadence-ICCR – Code coverage Cadence simulator – NcVerilog Xilinx ISE for FPGA validation Synplicity for FPGA Synthesis Xilinx Vivado Altera Quartus for FPGA synthesis ARM tools – DS5, DSTREAM etc. Verilog, System Verilog & VHDL Shell, PERL, PYTHON & TCL Scripting EDA Tools Expertise (Development & Testing) 28


Ecosystem Partners 29


Unique Combination of Silicon and Systems Product Development Experience Outstanding Process, Structures and checklist for scaling up We uniquely combine business dynamics with technology, very few companies have this combination Grown up with the methodologies Pioneered and deployed several traditional and advanced Digital, MS and LP methodologies. Several years of hands on experience in developing modular based traditional and advanced verification environments. Developed and Integrated several Verification IPs – elite + engineers know what takes to develop a good VIP, which integrates smoothly into the Verification environment. Proven Track Record in.. Deploying several these methodologies in industry leading companies. Claimed several FIRST-PASS verification success. Trusted verification eyes to develop your standards, protocols, and test infrastructures, whilst product companies focus on their designs and development. Cost effective and High Quality Engineering Services. Go-to centre of excellence where results really matter. Why MosChip ? 30


INDIA Hyderabad (Headquarters) Plot # 83 & 84 Punnaiah Plaza, 2 nd Floor Banjara Hills Hyderabad – 500034 Tel: +91-40-6622-9242 Fax: +91-40-6622-9393 Milpitas 840 N. Hillview Drive Milpitas California 95035 Tel: 408-737-7141 Fax: (408) 737-7708 MosChip-Semiconductor Moschip Semiconductor Technology Ltd Bangalore (at HSR Layout) 991 & 992, 2nd floor, 5th main, 7th sector, HSR Layout, Bangalore – 560 102 Tel: + 91 80 25722427 Fax: + 91 80 25722427 Bangalore (at Koramangala) 13/36, 3rd cross, Venkatareddy Layout, 80 Feet road, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560095 Ph: +91 80 41603939 Fax: +91 80 41603939 Pune "Govind", 7 C Shri Ganesh krupa society S No 91/1, Kothrud, Off Paud road, Pune 411038 Ph: +91 20 2539 6775 Fax: + 91 20 2539 6775 USA Maidenhead 4 Havelock Road Maidenhead UK SL65BJ Tel: +44 (0) 3301137863 Fax: +44 (0) 3301137863 UK Official Locations 31


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