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Life Insurance :

Life Insurance Life Insurance Plan s

Why Do You Need Life Insurance:

Why Do You Need Life Insurance Life insurance plans is almost a basic need. It’s the first step in Personal financial planning. It fulfills different purposes for different people and can provide valuable benefits if you make your choices carefully.

Life Insurance is different form other Investment:

Life Insurance is different form other Investment All investments are insurance against financial risk and all insurance is investment for a better tomorrow. Many life insurance plans also have a savings component that earns returns just like in any other investments eg , fixed deposits, bonds or mutual funds. But the main difference lies in the fact that life insurance really is a long term investment. You must look at life insurance beyond 5-10 years to get the right benefits. It also locks up your funds for future needs so that you do not fitter away and miss your long term financial goals.

What are the Real Benefit of Life Insurance:

What are the Real Benefit of Life Insurance Life insurance provides two types of benefits - Financial and Behavioral. Financially, the first and the most important one - life insurance plan protects the family against the ‘cash flow’ risk of the untimely death of the bread-winner. This is a real risk most of us underplay. Everything does not go as planned. Life throws up nasty surprises. The only way to somewhat reduce the pain of death in the family is to make sure that at least financially the family is secure.

How are Life insurance products:

How are Life insurance products Our requirements and ability to cater to them keep changing based on our life stage. For example: when we are young our income, as well as our liabilities are low. However, as we grow older, we start progressing in our professions and start earning more income. At the same time, personally we move into different roles – get married, have children and our responsibilities increase .

What is the current age to start investing in a life plan:

What is the current age to start investing in a life plan There is no right age to start investing. Starting early will always provide you an added advantage in the long term. There is always a substantial difference in the wealth of people who start saving early through a systematic financial plan as compared to those who delay .

What are the different type of life insurance product:

What are the different type of life insurance product Life Insurance Plans Unit Linked Insurance Plan Traditional Savings Plan Protection or Term Plan Health Insurance Plan

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Contact us India First Life Insurance Company 301 , 'B' Wing, The Qube , Infinity Park, Dindoshi - Film City Road, Malad (East), Mumbai - 400 097. Board No. - 022 39418700 Office Fax no - 022 33259600 Customer Care (Toll Free) : 1800-209-8700 Customer Mail Id: [email protected]

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