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Telling the Time


How many seconds are in a minute? 60 How many minutes are in an hour? 60


How many hours are in a day? 24 How many days are in a week? Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 7


How many days are in a month? 30 days has September, April, June and November, All the rest have 31, Excepting February alone. Which only has but 28 days clear And 29 in each leap year


How many months in a year? 1. January 2. February 3. March 4. April 5. May 6. June 7. July 8. August 9. September 10. October 11. November 12. December


How many weeks in a year? 52 365 How many days in a year?


o'clock half past 30 minutes past quarter past 15 minutes past quarter to 15 minutes to 5 minutes past 10 minutes past 20 minutes past 25 minutes past 25 minutes to 20 minutes to 10 minutes to 5 minutes to Analogue Clock Face Always has two hands Big hand points to the minutes Small hand points to the hour


Digital Clock A Digital Clock shows the time in numbers. This clock shows the 24 hour time clock. We read this time as: 12 minutes past 4 in the morning (am) We read this time as: 1 o’clock in the afternoon (pm)


: : : : What time is it? pm am am pm

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