Gingoog,City of Good Luck

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“Gingoog” the city of Good Luck:

“ Gingoog ” the city of Good Luck


The term Gingoog originally came from the word” Hingoog”,which means “ Goodluck ” from a Lumad tribe of Manobo who settled in the area. The word implies good fortune, thus Gingoog City means the City of Good Luck. The natives of this place are the ones with the family names of “ Gingco ”, and “ Gingoyon History

Product and Services:

Product and Services Gingoog is abundant in the supply of fruits such as lansones,durian,mangosteen,mango,marang,rambutan,pineapple and bananas.

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It is also abundant in vegetables such as tomatoes and sweet peas. Among its produce are rice, corn,coconut,coffee,spices,and root crops .

Tourist Spots:

Tourist Spots Badiangon Spring Tiklas falls Bantaawan Lake Mount Balatukan

Tourist Spots:

Tourist Spots Highland Resort Summer Splash resort

Festivals and Celebrations:

Festivals and Celebrations Lubi-lubi coconut festival- Celebrated Every May 10. Kaliga Festival-” kaliga ” means thanks Giving in Gingoog tongue.



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