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Six Sigma - DMAIC Strategy

Six Sigma - DMAIC Strategy:

Six Sigma - DMAIC Strategy DMAIC is a data driven quality strategy for improving processes and an integral part of a six Sigma quality initiative.DMAIC Is the Acronym for 5 phases of Six Sigma as given below:- Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control Define Measure Analyze Improve Control

Define :

Define This phase defines the project . It identifies critical customer requirements and links them to business needs. It also defines a project charter and the business processes to be undertaken for Six Sigma.


Measure This phase involves selecting product characteristic, mapping respective process, making necessary measurements and recording the results of the process. This is essentially a data collection phase.


Analyze In this phase an action plan is created to close the “gap” between how things currently work and how the organization would like them to work in order to meet the goals for a particular product or service.

Improve :

Improve This phase involves improving processes/product performance characteristics for achieving desired results and goals. This phase involves application of scientific tools and techniques for making tangible improvements in profitability and customer satisfaction.

Control :

Control This phase requires the process conditions to be properly documented and monitored through various control methods so that the results are sustained in the long run and do not deviate or slip-back.

The breakthrough strategy:

The breakthrough strategy Each phase is designed to ensure that :- Companies apply the breakthrough strategy in a systematic way. Six Sigma projects are systematically designed and executed and The results of these projects are incorporated into running the day-today business. Define Measure Analyze Improve Control

Strategy at various levels:

Strategy at various levels Almost every organization can be divided into 3 basic levels :- 1. Business level 2. Operations level 3. Process level. It is extremely important that Six Sigma is understood and integrated at every level. Define Measure Analyze Improve Control

Strategies at various levels:

Strategies at various levels Executives at the business level can use Six Sigma for improving market share, increasing profitability and organizations long term viability. Managers at operations level can use Six Sigma to improve yield and reduce the labor and material cost. At the process level engineers can use Six Sigma to reduce defects and variation and improve process capability leading to better customer satisfaction. Define Measure Analyze Improve Control

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