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Gurukul Preschool was born in 1997 out of pure hard work , perseverance, dedication and of course love for children. It's school with a difference n a class apart for giving the right start in the right sense in the early formative years. Our tag line "First step towards learning" is surely for the keeps. By God's grace we are multiplying and with it the ethos of a preschool in true sense.


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How to Open a Play School in India:

How to Open a Play School in India

Franchise For Play School:

Franchise For Play School Best Play School Franchise - If you are an entrepreneur who wants quick returns without establishing the market for the playschool then you could opt for the franchise of a reputed playschool like Gurukul Preschool. These reputed playschool’s franchise would provide an already established market area and the much required trust and goodwill in the market. However there are many other costs involved in establishing a preschool under the franchise agreement. These costs are specified in the franchise agreement and they have to be paid attention in order to establish a franchise based preschool.

Fees of the franchise:

Fees of the franchise It is the fee that a parent company demands from the new franchisee. A new franchise or the entrepreneur of the playschool has to pay a certain amount to the franchisor in order to use their name and reputation in their new playschool. It is only a once in a lifetime payment that is paid in return of the franchise agreement. Generally it is not more than 1.75 lakhs in the case of preschool but could exceed this amount depending upon the goodwill of the parent company or the franchisor.

Establishment costs:

Establishment costs Another cost that would cost a huge amount of money is the establishment costa of the branch of the reputed playschool. These costs could be further classified into infrastructural costs incurred on the furniture, building, machines, labs , carpenters etc. This is one of the costs that require maximum percentage of the capital invested. It could generally range between 4-6 lakhs depending upon the infrastructure. /

Provide Their Children an Educational Upbringing:

Provide Their Children an Educational Upbringing Parents now focus on providing their children overall development from the very beginning. They want to provide their children an educational upbringing and knowledgeable environment that could make their children a better human being in the future. So if you are someone who wants to run a business at a low capital then we would recommend you to how to open a play school .

Why to Open a Play School:

Why to Open a Play School Why to Open a Play School - Play school business is one of the most profitable businesses that could be established even at the low capital. You would not have to spend a huge amount of money as a capital opening a preschool. But this business would definitely yield you higher returns in the form of huge profits and goodwill in the market.

What are the Steps to Open A Gurukul Play School? :

What are the Steps to Open A Gurukul Play School? Choosing an appropriate name for the preschool Deciding on the preschool layout Learning materials and furniture Recruitment of teachers Marketing initiatives Setting up of administrative system Implementing the curriculum Technical set up For more info:

Why Gurukul Play School Franchise:

Why Gurukul Play School Franchise Gurukul Play school offers special solutions for existing preschools. They help in taking the school to the next level in terms of teaching quality, curriculum, marketing, etc. You can begin from the basic option and then upgrade the education system later. To open a Gurukul Preschool, you can visit the link: These preschools are popular for innovative curriculum, cutting-edge technological solutions, etc. Their team of experts will help you in starting a successful preschool.


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Gurukul Preschool Franchise:

Gurukul Preschool Franchise

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