Evolution of Internet

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Mohana priyaa A.P 1 Evolution of Internet

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Evolution of Internet In 1960,U.S defense department funded a project to develop a networks Idea was to develop a computer network that could continue to function in the event of a disaster such as nuclear war Project was known as ARPANET (Advanced Resource Project Agency) Network evolved into a communication channel among military personnel and researches 2 Mohana priyaa A.P

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In 1970,ten years of research brought Local Area Ethernet Networks(LANs) Workstations were developed to get connected to LAN Workstation and LANs were connected to ARPANET Next decade, the ARPANET grew Computer connected to ARPANET used a standard or rule to communicate Standard used by ARPANET is known as NCP(National control protocol) 3 Mohana priyaa A.P

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Protocols are a set of standards that govern the transmissions of data over the network Network operated with technique called packet switching In packet switching, digital data were sent in small bundles called packets Passing time and rapid change in information technology, suppressed NCP and brought TCP/IP 4 Mohana priyaa A.P

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TCP converts messages into streams of packets at the source Re-assembled back into messages at the destination IP handles the dispatch of these packets It handles the addressing and make sure that packets reaches its destination through multiple nodes Flexibility of TCP/IP to handle multiple networks with multiple protocols 5 Mohana priyaa A.P

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Mohana priyaa A.P 6 ARPANET became a massive network of networks and now it is known as Internet ARAPNET is grandparent of today Internet Primary goal is to allow multiple users to send and receive information simultaneously over the same communication path In 1980,the national science foundation (NSL) and ARPANET to link its five regional supercomputer enters, so that many users could share their work

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Mohana priyaa A.P 7 In 1980,Electronic mail came into existence It is a simple menu-driven system for accessing files was developed In 1991,www concept was developed It is also known as the web Hyper text transfer protocol(HTTP) was created To connect content on the web with hyperlinks

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Mohana priyaa A.P 8 Only 150 websites in 1993 Internet is research oriented network, continue to grow as informational ,creative and commercial resource

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