How To Choose Ceiling Fan Regulators For Your Home


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Buying a fan regulator has never been easier as it might have become for you with this simple guide on how to buy fan regulators.


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How to Choose Ceiling Fan Regulators for Your Home Every home has a ceiling fan as it has gone past the days when it used to be a luxury and now it has become a necessity of every home. With changing times ceiling fans have also gone under a tremendous transformation. Now days ceiling fans come with an electric motor which is well connected with metallic blades. Once the switch for the ceiling fan is on the voltage makes the current to pass through the motor which leads to the movement of fan blades. On the other hand the fan regulators used these days’ help in controlling the voltage passing through the fan motor and then increase or decrease the flow of current in the fan blades. So basically ceiling fan regulators are used control the voltage levels for a fan and every regulator works differently thus it becomes important to consider which will meet your requirement the most and fit in your budget as well. .

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Here are the options available that you can consider while choosing regulators for your ceiling fans online. Electric Regulator - Traditional style regulators often fall under this category of electric regulators. These are the ones that you can easily find in most of the homes as they are pretty common. This kind of ceiling fan regulators come with the resistors that decrease the level of the voltage in the ceiling fan. The resistors installed in this kind of regulators heat up while decreasing the voltage which leads to less energy consumption and the fan speed is lost because of the presence of heat in regulator. These kinds of regulators are big and bulky in size and are considered quite affordable. Electronic Regulator - On the other hand the more advanced and conventional forms of regulators used these days are called as electronic regulators. They are easily available in the market and are pricier then their counterpart. Also they are much smaller in size as compared to the electric regulator. These regulators get their resistors replaced with capacitors which help in decreasing the voltage flow to the fan motor. Capacitors control the fan speed by increasing/decreasing the waveform of the power supply reaching the fan motor. These regulators do no heat which makes them highly energy efficient even if the fan is running on a low speed. However when on the high speed the energy consumption of the remains the same with both kinds of regulators available in the market. These kinds of regulators can save up to 40 in speed when running at 1 number and up to 20 speed when running on 2 nd number as compared to the traditional electric regulator. Final Summary - Choosing the right kind of fan regulators for your home might seem like a very small task to you. But with these much points’ consideration and things to remember it must have become clear to you how important this small little thing can also be for your life.

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