Top 10 Indian Branded LED Bulbs Compared

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Confused which brand to trust for your LED bulb requirement? Go through the article to identify not only the best brands in the country but also what makes them the best out of a lot.


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Top 10 Indian Branded LED Bulbs Compared Want to buy LED bulbs for home or office use but confused about which brand to trust Not anymore as we have given a brief yet competitive analysis of top 10 Indian LED bulb brands to help you make an informed purchase decision and brighten your home as well as pocket. Philips Philips is the oldest name in the lighting industry in India and is still in a pioneer in the field.

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Their LED bulbs prices might seem like a bit on a higher side but you will never find a single fault or compromise in their quality. Their entire online range of Philips LED bulbs is energy efficient and they also come with the assurance of long life. Havells A brand that can give tough competition to Philips when it comes to quality is Havells. They are the best in the market for 3 watt and 15watt LED bulbs.

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However their mid-range LED bulbs still need a lot of improvement to meet their high demand in the market. Osram Superstar Classic A 100 year old company is still applauded for manufacturing LED bulbs which are innovative and offers best power factor range.

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Their dimmable Osram LED bulbs make them a leader in the market. Eveready The only brand that boosts off labeling 100 lumens in each of the LED bulb they have to offer.

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However it is advisable to buy Eveready LED bulb only which is above 9 watts because of their low power factor. Wipro Though Wipro is Indian brand for LED bulbs has a comparatively small portfolio

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But their lumens for what all options available are quite impressive and not to forget their excellent power factor. Oreva Oreva brand offers two distinctive series in LED bulbs section. One is Eco series and the other is DX series.

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But there is a lot of ambiguity about the Oreva LED Bulb products quality because of the lack of data. Bajaj If you are looking for a total OEM product those Bajaj LED bulb products LEDZ 5 watt and 7 watt bulbs make a great choice.

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Their low price is another factor that makes them a hit among buyers. SYSKA SYSKA LED bulbs online series are the new and emerging brand in the market with its two variants SSK-LB Series and SSK-QA respectively. They also have OEM just like Bajaj but its efficiency is still not clear.

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Surya When it comes to lighting Surya has remained a trusted name in Indian market. They have started manufacturing an economical and royal series of Surya LED bulbs to beat the tough market competition. Moserbaer

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Though Moserbear has introduced only two variants of LED bulbs in 5watt and 7 watt respectively their power factor and CRI is very impressive. However they are facing a lot of flak for their low lumens per watt. Final Summary Definitely these 10 names are the best you can think of when it comes to buying branded LED bulbs in India consider these 5 tips before buying LED bulbs. But with this article you can now compare which brand offerings are most suitable for your need. Visit here quick LED Bulb using guide.

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