Modern Furniture for your Home

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Modern Furniture for your Home Modern style is characterized by laconic streamlined furniture. Modern furniture style dates back to 1930s with roots in the German Bauhaus School of Design and Scandinavian modern design. Its characterized by polished surfaces bold geometric shapes and asymmetry both in home decor and furniture design. Sleek smooth and polished are words to describe surfaces in modern furniture. Concrete granite and linoleum are used for flooring bright chrome and brushed stainless steel are common accents on furniture. A lacquered finish on modern furniture is also common. Geometry and angular shapes are a hallmark of modern furniture. Light accents play with sleek shapes streaming through a soaring window creates an artistic statement and calls attention to the interior architecture. Accessories in are extremely important and boast striking shapes or forms to make a statement. Special pieces should be called out with spotlights for visual impact. The neutral palette allows the objects in the modern furniture to take center stage. A particular aspect of modern furniture in home decoration is the use of certain traditional materials which themselves are the outcome of centuries of experimenting and use.

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A traditional material widely used in modern furniture is leather. The extremely soft leathers are used to make beautiful armchairs and sofas that are not only lovely to observe but are also particularly comfortable and durable over time. Tiles the product of centuries of know-how are an important material used in modern furniture decor. Such tiles are available in a wide range of materials particularly ceramics and terracotta. Ceramic tiles are either industrially produced or else decorated individually by hand by experiences artists. Both the ceramic tiles and the terracotta tiles are available in a wide range of sizes shapes finishing and colors. The styles of modern furniture vary widely but the underlying characteristic is the quest for individuality making use of traditional high quality materials combined with modern technology and drawing on the resources that are provided by the talented master craftsmen who continue to take pride in their unique trades and specialties. Source: