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Eyeliner boxes are used to hold the product and for the protection of eyeliner. These boxes present a modish and attractive look. By using these boxes you can catch the attention of customers. By writing a few specialities of eyeliner boxes can clearly describe the qualities of these boxes


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Eye Liner Boxes

What are Eye Liner boxes?:

What are Eye Liner boxes? Eyeliner boxes are used for showcasing liquid, gel, cake, carbon-based and other forms of eyeliners. Being the most popular and important part of eye makeup, cosmetic brands pay special attention to eyeliner packaging. The material used in the production of these boxes can be customized to looked-for shapes, sizes and colors


Types:- Waterproof Eyeliner Boxes Pencil Eyeliner Boxes Kraft Eyeliner Boxes Cake Eyeliner Boxes Gel Eyeliner Boxes

Kraft Eyeliner Boxes :

Kraft Eyeliner Boxes Kraft produced from chemical pulp produced in the kraft process and can be used for the packing of eyeliner.

Waterproof Eyeliner Boxes:

Waterproof Eyeliner Boxes We can undertake its nature with its name that says that waterproof eyeliners are as same in nature as its name suggests. They can be used to provide you a little shiny or matte eye outlook. For this type of eye-liners waterproof boxes are used.

Pencil Eyeliner Boxes:

Pencil Eyeliner Boxes Pencil eyeliners are as same as simple pencils, they are just like them in shape. You can use them on your eyes to have an elegant look or some makeup artist use them to do makeup art on their faces. This type of eye-liner packaging boxes used for packaging of eye-liner. 

Cake Eyeliner Boxes :

Cake Eyeliner Boxes These type of eyeliners come in cake shape, with a lid on them. They can be applied on eyes for eye makeup or to put eyeliner, with the help of a brush that has to wet while applying.

Gel Eyeliner Boxes:

Gel Eyeliner Boxes Gel eyeliner is another type of eyeliners, it provides shimmery and shiny outlook or appearance on eyes and it is usually waterproof in nature. As we see, that all these eyeliners are different in nature and their utility is also different so, it is clear and fair enough to have them packed in different packaging.

Eco Friendly:

Eco Friendly


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