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Custom mailer packaging boxes for packing the gifts. Rigid, Kraft, corrugated packaging boxes and Card-board packaging boxes are available here.


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Mailer box:

Mailer box

What are mailer boxes?:

What are mailer boxes? A  mailer  box is a paperboard packaging designed to store and send your products. ... Its double side walls make it durable and more resistant to transport than other types of paperboard packaging

Types Of mailer boxes:-:

Types Of mailer boxes:- Rigid Boxes Kraft Boxes Corrugated Boxes Card-Board Boxes

Rigid Boxes:

Rigid Boxes Rigid Boxes (also called “Set-Up Boxes”) are a very common type of packaging and they are often associated with luxury products. Rigid boxes are typically four times thicker than an average folding carton and are not usually printed on directly.

Kraft Boxes :

Kraft Boxes These boxes have a quality that you can mold them in any shape whatever you want for your product.

Corrugated Boxes :

Corrugated Boxes Corrugated boxes are made up of corrugated paperboard that contains rows of air columns. The columns make the paper stronger than average cardboard with the air acting as a cushion for any items inside of them. The ridges inside offer strength and flexibility, as usually intended in packaging.

Card-Board Boxes:

Card-Board Boxes These boxes are made from cardboard and are very popular in the industry. Brands also use cardboard boxes for branding purposes. Cardboard is the material option that can be customized to a great extent.



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