Winning attitude

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Winning attitude:

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What is attitude?:

What is attitude? A tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person or situation. The four components of attitude are: Affective – emotions or feelings Cognitive – beliefs held consciously Conative – inclination for action Evaluative – positive or negative response to stimuli

The Iceberg:

The Iceberg How much do you see of an iceberg? Only 10% of any iceberg is visible. The remaining 90% is below sea level. The iceberg phenomena is also applicable on human beings…. 10% 90%

The Iceberg:


Factors that determine attitude:

Factors that determine attitude Environment Other People’s Behavior Negative Work Environment Changing Environment Past Experience BEWARE THE BULLETS

Benefits of A Positive Attitude:

Benefits of A Positive Attitude Increase in productivity Solves Problems Improves Quality Increases Profits Reduces Stress

Consequences of Negative Attitude:

Consequences of Negative Attitude High stress Health issues Creates a negative environment

Steps to build a Positive Attitude:

Steps to build a Positive Attitude Change focus Build positive thoughts Do not procrastinate Stay away from negativity Do not dwell on past experiences

Building a Positive Attitude:

Building a Positive Attitude Accept Responsibility We are responsible for our what we do. Lets not play the blame game Take control Take control of situations rather than letting situations taking control of you Manage your thinking Positive thinking brings about a positive attitude Manage your self-talk If you think you can or if you think you can’t; you’re right – Henry Ford

In Conclusion…:

In Conclusion… Our attitude determines who we are Working with a positive attitude takes us to new heights Focus on building a positive work environment which in turn helps to build a positive attitude

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