Setting Right Priorities


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Setting Right Priorities:

Setting Right Priorities

The Purpose of Setting Priorities:

The Purpose of Setting Priorities Priorities are about: Making time to attend to important matters Getting tasks done Keeping track of tasks to monitor progress

Challenges in Setting Priorities:

Challenges in Setting Priorities Understanding goals & expectations Assign list of all tasks & determine “must-do” items Scope Timeline Relationships – consider involving others in completion of efforts

Defining Goals:

Defining Goals “Begin with the end in mind” – Stephen Covey Determine the desired end result Set short-term objectives for achieving goals Adjust objectives as conditions change


Prioritizing Rank tasks in order of importance Build in-time for the unexpected Leave time for thinking and planning Remain flexible Realize you won’t finish everything

Prime Time:

Prime Time When do you have the most energy? When are there fewest interruptions? When can you schedule private time?

Procrastination :

Procrastination Break a large job down into smaller parts Do the easy parts first Time yourself Punish yourself Reward yourself

Tips for Productive Meetings:

Tips for Productive Meetings Attend only essential meetings Come prepared and participate effectively When you are chairing a meeting Choose a good time Impose a time limit Set a reasonable agenda

The Art of Priority Management:

The Art of Priority Management Get to meetings early so you can compose yourself before others arrive. Practice doing just one thing at a time, giving it your full attention. Pause after you finish one task before beginning another. Say “No” and mean it: When the timings just not right When you have other priorities When someone suggests something you’d like to consider

In closing :

In closing Time is one of your most valuable assets Planning and organization are the key to priority management Eliminating time thieves allows you to accomplish essential tasks Control your schedule instead of being controlled by it

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