working across cultures


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Working Across Cultures :

Working Across Cultures

What is Culture? :

What is Culture? Set of commonly held values A way of life of a group of people Includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs and habits Everything that people have, think and do as members of their society An integrated system of learned behavior patterns that are characteristic of the members of any given society

Cultural Iceberg:

Cultural Iceberg Culture determines our deepest assumptions, most of which we not even aware. Like an iceberg, culture lies mostly beneath the surface.

Cross Cultural Myths :

Cross Cultural Myths Myth One: We really are all the same Myth Two: I just need to be myself and everything will be okay Myth Three: I have to adopt the practices Of the other culture to succeed (Adapt rather than adopt)


Activity Positive and Negative experiences of working across cultures


Email Etiquette

Trompenaar’s & Turner’s Model:

Trompenaar’s & Turner’s Model

Opting for a Rule Based system:

O pting for a Rule Based system

How we manage time:

How we manage time

Recognizing the differences:

Recognizing the differences

Presentation Country Specific Information:

Presentation Country Specific Information


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