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Time Management:

Time Management


What is Time Management? It is understanding exactly how much time we have and how to use it effectively.


Then what is the purpose of good time management? Good time management is a useful personal skill for managing oneself, one's work and the work of others.


Time is an “ ineffable resource ” which is finite. Time control is a paradox as you can MANAGE only yourself in relation to time.

Core Principle of Time Management:

Core Principle of Time Management Concentrate on results and NOT on being busy


Your goals and priorities are the foundation of professional fulfillment


Plan for the future because that ’ s where you ’ re going to spend the rest of your life. Mark Twain

Personal Goal Setting “Planning to Live Your Life Your way”:

Goal setting is an important method of: Deciding what is important for you to achieve in your work. Separating what is important from what is irrelevant. Motivating yourself to achievement. Increasing your productivity based on measured achievement of goals. Personal Goal Setting “ Planning to Live Your Life Your way ”

Types of Goals:

Rational goals (specific short term) Directional goals (general goals for long term) Muddling thru (best option when the environment is in flux) Types of Goals

Exercise: Action Plan :

Source: The Big Book of Business Games by John Newstrom & Edward Scannell; 2004 Goal (What do you want to accomplish? ________ Driving Forces: _________ _________ _________ Restraining Forces _________ _________ _________ Action Plan: _________ _________ Exercise: Action Plan

Time Management Grid:

Quadrant 1 Urgent and Important “ Firefighting ” Quadrant 2 Important but not Urgent “ Quality Time ” Quadrant 3 Urgent but not Important “ Distraction ” Quadrant 4 Neither Urgent nor Important “ Time Wasting ” Time Management Grid Urgency Importance

Four Most Popular Time Robbers:

Phone Interruptions Unscheduled Visitors Too Much Information Travel Four Most Popular Time Robbers Unless you identify the principle culprits (of Time Robbers) and create a plan for eliminating them you will continue wasting time in the same pattern every day for the rest of your life.




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