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Basics of Fair Share: What is it??:

Basics of Fair Share: What is it?? 2015

What is Fair Share? …Unrestricted funds… (The War Chest):

What is Fair Share? …Unrestricted funds… (The War Chest) Fair Share is the amount of money the Council asks each state chapter to raise in a given year. Fair Share is made up of two components: Institutions Membership Personal Contributions

How are Contributions used? (examples):

How are Contributions used? (examples) Conduct National/Regional Conference Calls for Advocacy Create Marketing Materials for Grassroots Efforts (i.e., TRIO Alumni Associations) Provides free Policy Seminar registrations for states who meet specific participation levels qualifications $100 Send COE Staff to train and present at attend Regional and/or State Conferences Maintain Social Media presence for TRIO Advocacy ( i.e., social media booth at COE Conferences) Bring TRIO Professionals to DC to meet with Congressional Representatives Promote TRIO in national publications such as Roll Call, Forbes, Chronicle of Higher Education $1,000 Provide TRIO Program Experts to advocate for Congress Arrange for National TRIO Achievers to speak at Annual Conferences Develop Partnerships with private entities to benefit TRIO Programs and Students $2,000

Three-Way Relationship:

Three-Way Relationship TRIO Funding, HEA Terms Fair Share! Advocacy, Policy, Research

Institutional Membership:

Institutional Membership   Institutional Membership effective January 1, 2013   TRIO Projects Membership Fee 0-1 $3,168 2 $3,368 3 $3,568 4 $3,768 5 $3,968 6 $4,168   Plus $200 for each additional program ALLOWABLE COST: OMB Cost Circular A-21, J-33 and A-122, B-30 (Cost Principles for Non-Profit Organizations) states: “Costs of an institution’s membership in business, technical and professional organizations are allowable.” Such membership must, of course, provide benefits to the program funded under the federal grant (and be reasonable and allocable). Since the Council is a technical or professional organization, costs of an institution’s membership in the Council may be paid with federal funds .

Personal Contributions:

Personal Contributions 10 for 10 Personal Contribution Form Must Donate at Least $100 by June 30 th President’s Council $100 total Advocate $250 total Patron $500 total CHAMPION $1000 total The Council is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization under The Internal Revenue Code Contributions are tax exempt Send to: Council for Opportunity in Education 1025 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 900 Washington, DC 20005 Tel: (202) 347-7430 Or Fax: (202) 347-0786 Founders Circle $2000 total Benefactors $5000 total 2015 Campaign ! 2015 Campaign ! We know you have a choice for where you donate . All giving levels appreciated. Select a level that best suits your ability to give.

Institutional Membership Campaigns: Details:

Institutional Membership Campaigns: Details Winter IM Campaign and Phone-a-Thon! Membership expiration dates between January 1-June 30 will receive $300 discount if they renew early (before February 15 th ) Spring IM Campaign and Phone-a-Thon! Membership expiration dates between July 1 – December 31 will receive $300 discount if they renew early (before May 31 st )

Personal Contribution Campaigns: Details:

Personal Contribution Campaigns: Details “10 for 10” – for Personal Contributions of at least $100. Each state has a goal (# of people) to reach by February 15. States that succeed get a FREE registration to the Policy Seminar! “Together We Can” – want to be recognized, but don’t have the finances to give like a Champion? Band together with your coworkers and become a Champion together! “Champions” –Our Goal is 100 people, across the nation, to be Champions ($1000). We’re also seeking at least 100 more people to partner as Co-Champions ($500 each).

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