Council for Opportunity in Education- Board Protocol

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Council for Opportunity in Education:

Council for Opportunity in Education Organization of the Board Meeting Board Protocol Presented by Dr. Ronnie D. Gross, COE Board Chair 2006-2007 COE Parliamentarian 2009-2015


BOARD MAKE-UP 35 Members 3 Representatives from each of the 10 regions 5 Board Officers – Chair, Past Chair Chair-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer COE President, Ms. Hoyler [Voice but no Vote] Non-Board Committee Members & COE Staff also attend meetings

Materials to Expect Prior to the Meeting:

Materials to Expect Prior to the Meeting Meeting Confirmation with: Hotel Information Tentative Agenda ATA Numbers for Airline Reservations Committee and Regional Report Forms Dress Recommendations

Other Materials to Expect:

Other Materials to Expect President’s Report Chair’s Report Board Meeting Materials

As Board Members, You Will…:

As Board Members, You Will… Serve on multiple committees Participate in committee conference calls in-between board meetings to carry out the committee Purpose/Charge Notify the Council of “Action Items” for the Board Agenda Review Chair’s Report for your committee’s latest activities [As a new member] Participate in on-site committee meetings prior to the Board meeting [(Co-)Chair] Report committee activities & on-site deliberations at the Board meeting during the Chair’s Report

Of Particular Note…:

Of Particular Note… Evaluation & Compensation: Officers Government Relations: All Board & Committee Members [No assigned seating] Nominations and Elections: Regional Presidents Ad Hoc Committee: Appointed Members Other Committee : Some committees have a defined structure all others have appointed members

The Board Meeting:

The Board Meeting Be prompt Sit with your regional colleagues [Look for your tent cards] Be prepared to respond to roll call Speak into the microphone; meetings are taped Turn off microphone when you are not speaking

General Board Meeting Flow:

General Board Meeting Flow Chair’s Report (Committee Reports) President’s Report Treasurer’s Report Finance Committee Report Conference Committee Report Regional Reports Guest Speaker [Often at lunch]

Annual Board Meeting Agenda Items:

Annual Board Meeting Agenda Items Auditor’s Report [December meeting] Board Retreat [December meeting] Hill Visits [May Meeting] Vote on President’s Compensation [Executive Committee prior to September Meeting] Vote on Chair-elect [Presidents only at May Meeting]

Playing by the Rules:

Playing by the Rules Direct ALL comments/questions to the Chair You have the floor [to speak] only when recognized by the Chair Show respect for the other board members

Voting Basics:

Voting Basics One-third of the Directors must be present to constitute a quorum…to conduct binding board business Each member association has 3 votes If only 2 association members are present, each has 1½ votes If only 1 member is present, s/he has 3 votes Each officer has 1 vote No proxy voting (based on list sent by regions in October)

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