Update from the Department of Education

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Update from the Department of Education:

Update from the Department of Education COE Board Meeting May 17, 2013 Washington, DC

New Titles in the Department:

Dr. Linda Byrd-Johnson - Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Higher Education Programs Ms. Eileen Bland – Acting Senior Director of Student Services Division New Titles in the Department


All GANS will be received electronically with a follow-up letter coming from program officer. ALL UB & VUB GANS should be received within the coming week. Staff are conducting substantial reviews and Rigorous Risk Analysis with regards to issuing continuation awards. Many June 1 start dates projects had large balances within the G5 system ranging from $15,000 - $127,000 (RAISES RED FLAG). Projects that are serving at least 85% or more will receive awards on time 46 UB projects on hold / 7 VUB Projects on hold Not meeting 85 % Threshold Hold until July 31, 2013 Any projects not funded – those monies will be utilized for forward funding. GANS


ALL GANS WILL REFLECT IMPACT OF SEQUESTRATION (5.23% REDUCTION IN FUNDING) Letter will include procedures on how to submit new budget reflecting cut. Reduction of students is allowable, in addition to other reductions. (LETTER WILL PROPOSE OPTIONS) Everything will be updated in database to ensure it reflects accurate numbers, if reduced – FOR APR PURPOSES Will rely on your expertise when reflecting impact of SEQUESTRATION on revised budget. READ ACCOMPANYING INFORMATION FIRST BEFORE SUBMITTING BUDGET. GANS & SEQUESTRATION


SSS – June 21, 2013 TS – June 14, 2013 *EOC – August 29, 2013 Training – June 21, 2013 McNair – June 28,2 013 UBMS – June 19, 2013 VUB – May 24, 2013 *Apology to EOC Directors as Department can not issue GAN until new APR is completed. If you receive any pressure about not receiving GAN, contact program officer immediately. DATES FOR FUTURE GANS

Other information:

McNair 60 Day Comment period ends on May 21, 2013 UB-UBMS 60 Day Comment period ends on May 28, 2013 EOC APR - Few changes to documents based on comments CCAMPUS – Application package published within next week – 30 days to respond Customer Satisfaction Survey – EOC & McNair – coming in few weeks. Other information

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