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Updates by the Division of Student Services at the HEP Meeting


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Overall student service topics:

Overall student service topics Executive Director / Project Director Titles The Department is getting requests for Directors to manage numbers of programs beyond what was approved. When submitting requests, please make sure the request is reasonable. Students going to the Military in the Midst of Program Services If a student received project services during the program year and enlists in the Military, you may count that student FOR THAT YEAR ONLY….NOT SUBSEQUENT YEAR. TRIO LIST-SERV When contacting the Department, please do not reference what you have heard or saw on the list-serv. The Department does not monitor the list-serv. CUTTING STIPENDS AND GRANT AID Although stipends and grant aid are optional services, if you wrote it in your grant and included it in your budget, The Department assumes that you will honor that service. You cannot reduce or eliminate WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL. If you have preset requirements and students don’t satisfy, then move the remaining funds to another service line item.

Update from frances bergeron:

Update from frances bergeron Director, Student Programs Development Division


APR’s McNair & UB(UBMS) Drafts Available for 60 day comment period McNair Comment Period Ends May 21 UB-UBMS Comment Period Ends May 28 EOC 30 Day Comment period ends on April 18, 2013 Final Comment Period – Read Department’s Response to Initial Comments To View Drafts and Post Comments to any above APR, go to www.regulations.gov SSS – all but 15 submitted on time

Update from james davis:

Update from james davis Director, GEAR UP and TRIO Talent Search Division


G.U.T.S. 100% of all Talent Search Programs submitted APR’s on time GEARUP due April 15 GEARUP College Savings Accounts Initiative – Combines federal money with matching money. Graduating High School student can end up with up to $2600 in a savings account upon graduating.

Update from gaby watts:

Update from gaby watts Director, TRIO Upward Bound and Educational Opportunity Centers Division


UB & EOC Program Specialist are still doing Post-Award Calls to better relationships with grantees ensuring projects are operating in the manner it should be CHANGING TARGET SCHOOLS This is not an immediate option. If you are having problems with your target school(s) and want to delete or switch, you must make a request to your program specialist. Each request will e handled on a case by case basis. Make sure that all travel requests are allowable and reasonable. Sequestration Letter will be sent to all June 1 start dates explaining effects of sequestration in coming weeks. NO ELMINATION or REDUCTION in Stipends without approval from Department VUB APR will be looked at next week.

Update from Eileen Bland:

Update from Eileen Bland Director, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Division

PowerPoint Presentation:

CCAMPIS All Technical Workshops have concluded Draft Application will be out in about 2-3 weeks for public comment 2 Competitive Preference Priorities Increased Productivity & Support of Military Families Will have 30 days to write and submit application STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES Competition in FY 15 Anticipates flat or reduced appropriations Will be Competitive Preference Priorities GUESSES are Increased Productivity, STEM, and others Grant Aid – Pell max will increase by $95.00 Standardized Objectives will remain the same and will reflect changes in Financial Aid Planning on a few site visits Will be making calls to those chosen VERY SOON.


Update from KATIE BLANDING Director, Graduate and Special Focus Programs Division

PowerPoint Presentation:

MCNAIR Intend on replicating SSS successes with APR Strongly encourage McNair Staff to make comments about new APR McNair Competition 158 Successful Applicants out of 400 applicants DEPARTMENT HEARD ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS AND CONCERNS Received many complaints and questions from those who were not successful Internal Coordination including drawdown issues must be resolved at the local level Personnel Changes must be approved by Program Officer – maintain a healthy relationship with PO Looking for more McNair Success Stories…Please submit to Department McNair and other STEM students will be conducting poster presentations on Capitol Hill next month. 6 Training Grants Awarded

Final thoughts:

Big changes in relation to college completion Emphasis in the country is towards college completion! Must be forward thinking about what you need to do or change in your program Understand that we must all do our part to keep TRIO relevant. Final thoughts

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