qualities of a great leader

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While all qualities can not be implemented in certain situations, it is advisable to incorporate as many as possible.


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Professors Taylor and Bareuther Leadership MBA 606-78 December 1, 2010 Leadership Project By: Matthew Hilgeford

Leadership : 

Leadership Many aspects of effective leadership fall within its lettering…

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Love what you do Listens carefully Learning constantly Leads through adversity LEADERSHIP

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Embraces responsibility Empathy for others Employees receive contribution recognition LEADERSHIP

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Attains accomplishments Active attention Accepts a failure Authentic and believable LEADERSHIP

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Disciplined to inspire and motivate Dilemma flipping Depolarizing constructively to calm tense situations LeADERSHIP

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Ego is absent Earns and keeps trust External engagement of employees LeADERSHIP

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Readiness to make decisions Respect for oneself and others Rapid prototyping without fear of failure LeADERSHIP

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Sound fundamental principles Soldier in the field style Skilled in communicating at all levels Status quo being constantly challenged LeADERSHIP

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Heart and compassion for followers Humble strength High E.Q. LeADERSHIP

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Integrity that builds trust Immersive learning ability in unknown realms Instincts honed into a skill LeADERSHIP

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Principles consistent with goals and objectives People capabilities Personality of never giving up LeADERSHIP

There is no definitive formula for : 

There is no definitive formula for Leadership but the attributes described can lay a solid foundation for becoming a great leader ,