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Women & Family Violence : 

Women & Family Violence Presented By: Meagan Bricker

What is NCADV ? : 

What is NCADV ? A group set up to help women and children who have been abused. The believe that violence against women and children are the force of threat or to achieve control The want to help spread the word and help others

The Project : 

The Project To inform people how to help victims of violence To collect cell phones and send away to make funds for the NCADV

My Part : 

My Part I hung up signs around campus I collected as many phones as I could from people I knew Sent the phones to NCADV I hope to still collect more

The Final Outcome : 

The Final Outcome We got a few cell phones It got the word out so if people come across phones they can still send by looking up address It taught us that we can help in the littlest ways

If Done Again : 

If Done Again We could make groups on facebook to promote better Plan at the start of the semester and have the collection all though it. Try to collect cell phones from business

Why this ? : 

Why this ? We thought it would be a good one to do because it was women's violence. It shows that people out there do care about the abused women and children. Any help that women can get when something bad happens is better then none.

To find out information NCADV : 

To find out information NCADV - you can read all about it talks about how the reuse and recycle phones

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