What is Tree Pruning? Why is Tree Pruning Necessary?


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What is tree pruning Why is tree pruning necessary

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● Trees are essential for our existence. Being the nature lover you grow trees in the backyard and front side of your house. Indeed the benefits of having trees around are enormous. ● However it is also equally important that you take good care of them so that they remain healthy and green. For the better growth you shouldn’t overlook an important aspect pruning of the trees. ● Many people think that pruning is done purely for aesthetic purpose but it isn’t true. Indeed the primary reason of pruning is to give a proper shape to the tree it is not the only reason. Why Tree pruning necessary

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● By pruning you reduce the excessive growth and make the tree safer. Sometimes these oversized branches strike the window panel or roof of the house. It could be a safety threat hence should be corrected timely. ● Tree pruning is a specialized task which needs the help of an expert. Hence you must call the pruning service in your town. ● Don’t try to experiment with so-called ‘DIY’ methods as it can be dangerous.

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Why is pruning necessary To Promote Growth ● When you shed unwanted branches and diseased limbs the tree becomes lightweight. The reduced size of the tree canopy increases the airflow and benefits the lower branches. ● When the upper branches are dense the lower part of the tree doesn’t get sufficient sunlight. Thus the growth hampers. ● Fruit trees in particular get more benefits of pruning. You get improved size and number of fruits.

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To Ensure Safety ● When you prune trees to remove unwanted branches dead limbs and disproportionate growth you keep the people around the tree safe. ● A diseased or dead branch may fall anytime. Thus it is a threat to the life of nearby people. ● When the branches grow haphazardly and hit the sidewalls window panels or roof repeatedly you have a risk of damaging your house. ● If they are very close to the electric wires then it is highly risky. ● In such a situation you must call the nearest pruning expert as soon as possible. Before you assign the work ensure that they have the necessary equipment and tools to perform pruning.

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For Better Yield ● As mentioned earlier tree pruning enhances fruit yield. By removing unproductive branches you promote more flowering which in turn converts into more fruiting. ● Hence call someone who knows the science and art of pruning. Too much or too less pruning doesn’t give adequate benefit. Remember sense of proportion is very much relevant here ● MJS Tree Stump is one the best tree pruning company in Adelaide and we have the Professional team for pruning services. If you need tree pruning services than call MJS Tree Stump company at 0883915700.

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