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If you’re a heavy smoker and you can’t quit vaping can make it easier for you to kick your smoking addiction to the curb. But the search isn’t over not even after you’ve picked a vaping device. You’ll need to pick e-juices too. Check out the following factors to help you choose the best ones.

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Brands Which brands have an excellent reputation for stellar and delicious e-juices Check the comments and reviews to get a feel for the brands that dominate the public. Look for less popular brands too. Many small reputable shops are a gem and deliver exceptional service. PG vs. VG Most options in the market sell e-juices with a higher percentage of VG over PG. If that doesn’t work for you though test out other combinations. If you want a stronger throat hit get e-juices that come with a higher PG content. If you want a bigger smoke cloud get mixes with higher VG levels the Bit Rebels suggests. Some e- cigarettes also contain either a pure PG or VG e-liquid so check out those options in case you turn out to be allergic to VG or PG.

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Flavor One of the best things to love about vaping is the array of e-juice flavors. With thousands of offerings online you won’t lack for choice. That also makes it a bit of a daunting task to pick out e-juices. However you can always go for classics: sweet flavors like vanilla or fruity blends with strawberries or raspberries are popular. Menthol mixes and exotic combinations are also available. To test out more than one flavor look for samplers or packs that contain more than one flavor or blend. Nicotine Most e-liquids have nicotine content. However you can pick options with lower nicotine levels if you want to get it out of your system slowly the Vaping Post says. If your goal is to quit smoking vaping is a step in the right direction especially sinceit helps reduce your nicotine intake. It’s not going to happen overnight though. Maybe not even for a few weeks or months. But it’s a good start if you’re serious about quitting. Single or Blend If you’re new to vaping and you don’t know if you should get a blend or buy single flavors it would be best to try out both to get an idea of what suits you. Both options are popular. Standard flavors like vanilla are customer favorites. But so are sweet blends. For single flavors you can try out candies desserts sodas and more. For blends combinations of fruity and sweet flavors sound good.

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Smaller Bottles If you arent sure whether you’ll like the flavor or not get the blend or flavor in a smaller bottle. Do that until you have a list of e-juices you love. After that you can create your own list of the best vape juice flavors. You can use that list as a guide to help you keep track of the flavors you’ve already tried along with details on which ones you liked what you liked about them and which options weren’t as great for you.