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Mahavir Swami College of Polytechnic:

Mahavir Swami College of Polytechnic Guided by: Ms.Disha Patel (internal guide) Mr. Bhushan Dalal (external guide) 1 Scrapbook Presented by: Jariwala Harshad k. (139550307014) J ethva Mayur R. (139550307016) Patel Krunal R. (139550307019) Savani Neel K. (139550307041)

Project Profile:

Project Profile 2 Project title: Scrapbook (Social Networking Site ) Front End: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Programming Language–Asp.Net Code behind-C #, Ajax Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Project Duration: 12 months Internal Guide: Disha Patel Submitted By: Jariwala Harshad k. (139550307014) Jethva Mayur R. (139550307016) Patel Krunal R. (139550307019) Savani Neel K. (139550307041)

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Project Definition In Our Website Photo Sharing, Maintain Photo Album, Security & Privacy, Search your friend or any photos, Make new friend and share photos with them. User can search another user city state country wise and another user give permission then user share and view another user photo . User can doing the likes, comments and also share images with the other users. User can also Messaging another users. 3

Technology Used:

Technology Used 1. Hardware specification Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50 GHz Memory : 4 GB RAM Hard Disk : 500 GB 2 . Software Specification Technology Used : ASP.NET 3.5 Back End : SQL Server 2008 Operating System : Windows 7 3. Other Tools Ajax Control Toolkit. 4


Object Our system is very accurate to reduce the manual work . It provides the system Administrator with easy interface for different administrative task such as: v iew, delete and insert. To publishing or transfer of a Digital Photos Online. Offer Photos Uploading, Sharing And Chatting With Other Users. Registered user can t ake the facility of the live chat, email notifications, and many more. 5


scope The system is able to maintain all the information of each and every user. The system provides administrator the facility of manipulating the entire website by viewing, editing and deleting options. The user can create his/her account. The registered user can Edit their profiles and change their password according his/her their needs. The system provides Search facility to the user. Data will be displayed if the Search results are found and accept all the request and feedback from the users. 6

Advantages of Proposed System:

Advantages of Proposed System All the transactions in the proposed system are computerized. System automatically manages the data once user enters . All data of users are secured as compared to manual system . Promote your business name . Build relationships with customer. Find new images . Email Notification. 7

Drawback of Existing System:

Drawback of Existing System While posting photos on social media sites and other photo sharing sites has become commonplace for many people. Low level of security. Time consuming. Maintenance cost is high . Other Existing System Can’t Provides Email Notification. Chatting With The Other Users. Live Chatting is not Possible. 8

Type of user:

Type of user The proposed system should work for Two types of users. 1. Registered User 2. Admin 9

Manage User & Admin:

Manage User & Admin 10

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