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Ariana Grande:

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande’s Bio And more

Ariana Grande:

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande is a singer/Actress She started in the camera when she was 15 in Broadway musical “13 the musical”

13 the Musical:

13 the Musical This musical is in Broadway. Her name in this musical is charlotte and her Bestfriend and her co-star there is Elizabeth Gillies

PowerPoint Presentation:

After a while, When the 13 the musical finished she became famous and received a call from nickelodeon and that is the Sitcom TV show “Victorious” her name there is “Cat Valentine”


VicTORIous This is a TV sitcom with music Lead: Victoria Justice. Ariana was the cute, shy, charming and childish character and she was with her co-star in Broadway Liz

PowerPoint Presentation:

After Victorious Ended all of the victorious cast was sad But Good news a new show had created a victorious and icarly spinoff “Sam & Cat” and the Arinators where happy that ariana is there but a fight created 

Victoria and Ariana fight:

Victoria and Ariana fight The Victoria and Ariana Fight…. As an Arinator I’am so mad at Victoria because of what she said up the picture /\ ||||

Ariana’s new Boyfriend:

Ariana’s new Boyfriend Jai Brooks from the Janoskians . Ariana was happy because she can celebrate Christmas and new year with her new boyfriend

The Way is Revealed :

The Way is Revealed When The Way was said to the people, the people are exited to hear the new song of Ariana and Mac then when the way was released Arinators was shock with the kiss of mac and Ariana

PowerPoint Presentation:

But the song is great and Jai was not mad about Ariana and Mac’s Kiss and I don’t know why arinators was mad at the kiss it was just acting not real kiss good thing Jai understand

Ariana’s Family:

Ariana’s Family Frankie Grande- Brother Joan Grande- Mother Edward Grande- Father Alexa - Bestfriend Collen-bestfriend

About Ariana:

About Ariana Birthday: June 26,1993 (19) Hometown: Boca, Raton (Florida) Height- 1.59 m


Filmography Film: 2013-Swidle Role: Amanda Benson (Main Role) Television 2008- The Battery's Down Role-Bat Mitzvah Riffer 2010-2013-Victorious Role- Cat Valentine


Fimography 2011-Iparty with Victorious Role-Cat Valentine 2011- Winx Club Role- Princess Diaspro 2013-present:Sam & Cat Role-Cat Valentine (Lead Role) Stage 2008- 13


Filmography 2012-Cuba Libre Role- Coco 2012- A Snow White Christmas Role- Snow White


Awards National Youth Theatre Assoiation Awards Won- Best Actress Hollywood Teen TV award Won- Best Television Actress (Comedy)


Songs/Cover Put your Hearts up Honeymoon Avenue Vienna Pink Champagne Grenade Rolling in the deep Daydreamin Popular Song


Songs/Cover The Way You’re my only shawty Born this way & Express yourself I Belive In you and me Give it up(With Liz Gillies ) LA BoyZ (WITH Victoria justice) Love the Way you lie 2 Die in your arms


Songs/Covers Do you Love me Merry little Christmas It’s not Christmas with out you (/Victoria and Liz) Only Girl in the world Take Care (Leon Thomas III) Tattooed Heart Chestnuts

Ariana Songs/Covers:

Ariana Songs/Covers

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