Automobile designing courses and its Career Scope in India


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Automobile designing courses are career-oriented courses that give you extensive knowledge of designing, and a proper course will land you a high-paying job.


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Automobile designing Courses and its Career Scope in India:

Automobile designing Courses and its Career Scope in India 1

Slide2: 2 Automobile designing Courses and its Career Scope in India Nowadays, there is immense competition in the job front. Those candidates who possess out-of-the-ordinary skills and creativity are offered with a good job. Possessing solely an engineering degree won’t help you that much in getting a job as countless engineers are produced each year by thousands of universities in India. Therefore, pursuing skill based programs like automobile designing courses can increase your chances of getting a job.

Slide3: 3 What is the role of an automobile designer? When a car is released in the market, what makes it alluring and sought-after is its innovative design. The person who is behind the development of all the latest and eye-catching design is an automobile design engineer. The task of an automobile designer is to design the layout of the appearance of an automobile, enhance its aesthetics and to take care of the ergonomics. The designers are creative individuals who actually design the exterior appearance and interior components of a car. An automobile designer drafts a sketch of the automobile which clearly depicts the assembly of different components including doors, mirrors, consoles, lamps, and fenders.

Slide4: 4 Importance of Automobile designing courses To become a professional and adept automobile designer, you should be well acquainted with all the latest techniques, patterns and fundamentals that aid you in designing the appearance of the automobile. The candidates learn the usage of various designing tools and software. Apart from designing the visual appearance, the candidates are given in-depth knowledge about safety aspects, modern automotive systems, design management and computer aided engineering (CAD).

Slide5: 5 Scope of Process Engineering This P&ID is subsequently developed to formulate the system operation guide or functional design specification that specifies how a system or component must function within a process. All these important documents are taken into consideration while proposing the layout of the future state of a process and are instrumental in defining its scope, estimating the cost for fabricating and commissioning the design and planning a schedule to accomplish the design installation . Candidates are trained to use 3D modeling and vector mapping to draft sketches.

Slide6: 6 Scope of Process Engineering Automobile designing courses are career-oriented courses that give you extensive knowledge of designing, and a proper course will land you a high-paying job . Therefore, the course needs to be done from a reputed and authentic institute like MIT Skills . The institute has been imparting high-end technical training to engineering graduates for over two decades . Our institute offers weekend and regular post graduate courses in automotive and styling . The courses focus on product design knowledge along with styling software. The faculties and trainers of the Institute are highly-skilled and have more than 10 years of experience in the design industry . Apart from imparting industrial knowledge, the course also enhances your soft skills and aptitude.  It guarantees dedicated placement support to all the students.

Slide7: 7 Career scope of automobile designing courses in India India has witnessed a rapid growth in the automobile industry. The automobile industry observed an increase in its annual sales by over 12% compared to the last year Many automobile manufacturing companies have their R&D offices in India, and so you can become a designer and get your creativity working in any of these companies . Apart from automobile manufacturing industry, the designers can get employed in multimedia movie production for designing sports car and another luxurious car that you see in movies today. Overall, a career in automobile designing is a promising career that offers immense career opportunities and good salary package and incentives