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Top Post Graduate Courses After Mechanical Engineering:

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Slide2: 2 Top Post Graduate Courses After Mechanical Engineering After achieving a B.Tech degree in mechanical engineering, don’t you feel to do something different? Well, at the end all that you’ll be doing is either a coding work in any IT or software company and if you are lucky enough, you can bag a job that’s directly connected to your graduation studies . However, the proportion of the “lucky chunk” is negligible. So, to drive your career towards a different, rather a more lucrative profession, it’s time to do something out of the way. And this difference can be brought by investing your time and effort in some rewarding courses

Slide3: 3 Top Post Graduate Courses Piping Engineering In today’s age and time, who has any interest in piping engineering? The fact you don’t know is that the piping engineer starts his career from minimum 3 LPA and piping sector also has lots of job opportunities for deserving talent. Monitoring pipes and systems, laying out designs, assessing stress and managing fluids is not a child’s play. Above all, there lies huge scope for innovation and advancements in this field. You need proper tactics and a well-defined work methodology to execute your regular activities. And if you can do everything correctly and consistently, increments and further job opportunities shall be on the cards.

Slide4: 4 Top Post Graduate Courses Welding and NDT Welding and NDT keeps a huge market open for the mechanical engineers. And if you are highly trained and certified in this discipline, there’s no looking back. The job involves dealing with welding codes, making reports and suggesting ways of improving core welding areas. These being highly technical lines, not all are deemed fit for the job requirements. However, as you happen to be a mechanical engineer graduate, you’re already through the basics and now you only need to know the advanced mechanics prevailing in the modern welding sector.

Slide5: 5 Top Post Graduate Courses Industrial Safety Yet another interesting sector that’s hardly known to anyone, Industrial Safety is abounding with a handful opportunities and prospects for the deserving candidates. An industrial safety officer works as a health and occupational safety administrator, monitoring and assessing the health conditions of workplace and on-site employees, suggesting ways to prevent pollution and improving health conditions of all the workers. The domain requires the knowledge of minimum and maximum pollution levels and the proportion of toxicities in this industry. Coming from a mechanical engineering background, you’re of course aware about these metrics. Now, you only need to plan out ways to prevent further intoxications, reduce pollution and develop a healthy work environment.

Slide6: 6 Top Post Graduate Courses Water and Waste Water Treatment With about 117,000 jobs being created in 2014 and the job outlook expected to grow at 6% in the next 7-8 years, water and waste water treatment facility units holds a good job prospects and a consistent career growth for you, in the coming years. Once into this industry, you’ll find yourself doing some rare jobs like controlling waste water treatment machines, transferring water for treatment and assessing operating conditions, meters, gauges, etc. And all these work profiles require technical expertise, creativity and advancements. With this, you shall skyrocket your professional life and make the most of your working years.

Slide7: 7 Top Post Graduate Courses CAD CAM Courses Did you ever know that a mechanical engineer can also make a successful career in design? Probably not until you just read this now. And to make you more hopeful about your future, there’s the Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing sector, having more number of vacancies than you have ever imagined. So, if you’re a mechanical engineer with a passion to innovate and create new things, CAD CAM is your cup of tea. And to get the real taste of your beverage, you must equip yourself with the relevant skills and capabilities by enrolling in a CAD CAM course.

Slide8: 8 Top Post Graduate Courses EPC Project Courses EPC projects take you to the world of Engineering Procurement and Construction. It is one of those comprehensive job sectors where you get to learn everything from ground-level tasks to management duties. Here, you start your career from the roots and end up making fruitful decisions regarding your company’s projects and simultaneously leading your firm towards a better future. EPC projects require proper understanding of its work patterns and procedures. And to become an able professional, doing an EPC Project course is more than worth your time, effort and money .

Slide9: 9 Summary However, to acquire good quality education, you must select a credible institute. And MIT Skills, Pune assures you of a state-of- the-art learning along with industrial exposure. The leading technical education institute provides best-in- class guidance in Post Graduate courses after mechanical engineering . And that you’re one of the mechanical engineers, browse through the courses, see where you want to see yourself in few years and put your name down for the respective course . Reference Sites: