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Looking for Distance MBA in Maharashtra? Then you can opt for MAEER’s MIT Pune’s MIT School of Distance Education. MITSDE offers best Distance MBA Courses in Pune, Maharashtra.


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Distance MBA in Maharashtra:

Distance MBA in Maharashtra

MIT School of Distance Education:

MIT School of Distance Education About us : MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE) is an integral constituent of MAEER's MIT Pune, established in the year 2008.  MITSDE is built on the culture of ambition, innovative thinking and with the aim to create the change in pursuing higher education.

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MITSDE offers courses like Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma and PGDBA courses in the fields such as Marketing Management, Finance, HR, Operations, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Risk and Insurance Management, Fire and Safety Management, Retail Management, Material Management and more.

Distance MBA in Maharashtra:

Distance MBA in Maharashtra Maharashtra is among the major economic drivers and a prominent state of India. It is the third largest and second most populous state in India. It also serves as a chief educational and industrial hub. Maharashtra is home to various eminent industrialists and celebrities. It also serves as a good site for setting up various businesses. 

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Maharashtra is one of the best places to find employment opportunities for skilled and talented people. So, if you are planning to launch or grow your career in Maharashtra, then you can pursue MBA course to enhance your employability skills.

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MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE) offers PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) and PGDBA (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration) courses that enhance the managerial and entrepreneurial skills of the candidate.

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Being one of the prosperous states of the country, Maharashtra alone contributes 10-15% in the GDP. It is the state with the largest economy till date, having the highest per-capita revenue in comparison to other states. Apart from being an industrial hub, it is also the manufacturing hub for various top public sector industries with Pune being the major IT hub of the state. 

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It is also home to various financial institutions such as SEBI, NSE, RBI, and BSE. Apart from this, there are arrays of MNCs who have their headquarters in different cities of Maharashtra. With so many companies and industries operating in the state, it offers lucrative job openings for talented and skilled candidates. 

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You can grab these opportunities if you have the requisite skills. MIT-SDE gives you an opportunity to pursue MBA courses in Pune distance learning from Maharashtra, which will surely open the doors to a high-flying career.

Why Choose MITSDE? :

Why Choose MITSDE? If you are willing to step ahead in your career then pursue PGDM or Distance Learning Business Management Courses from MIT-SDE. Some of the perks of the courses are: The course is highly flexible so you can pursue it along with your job or other

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The course material is prepared by the experts and published by Wiley Publications. It includes modules, video lectures, and other tools. One can choose from various specializations including HR, IT, Project Management, Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics, Finance, etc.

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Webinars are also organized from time to time to clarify the doubts of students. We have the provision of taking the fees in installments which relieves the burden from the students.

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We offer a flexible fee-payment method whereby the students can pay their fees in installments. We also offer career guidance throughout the course and even after its completion.


Conclusion T he experts of MIT-SDE provide career guidance to each student, which is offered even after the course completion. Hence, you should choose MIT-SDE to advance your career in the right direction .

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