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Wiki-Wiki Quiz : 

Wiki-Wiki Quiz

Q1 : 

Q1 CONNECT: ps: According to The Daily Show by Jon Stewart, Kevin Bacon’s degree of connection with Adolf Hitler has come down from 4 to 2, thanks to this guy. pps: Snaps are NOT an exhaustive list. Who are we talking about?

Q2 : 


Q3 : 

Q3 In business, a _________ is an information barrier implemented within a firm to separate and isolate persons who make investment decisions from persons who are privy to undisclosed material information which may influence those decisions. This is way of avoiding conflict of interest problems. In journalism, this is used to describe the separation between the editorial and advertising arms of a media firm. The concept is also used in reverse engineering, wherein one group reverse engineers the original code and writes thorough documentation, while the other group writes new code based only on the new documentation available. Which term / concept?

Q4 : 

Q4 CONNECT: The word ‘truthiness’, which was named word of the year in 2006 by Merriam-Webster. ‘President Bush, have a hot dog with me.’ Americone Dream Ice-cream from Ben and Jerry’s. ‘Elephant population in Africa has tripled over the past six months.’

Q5 : 

Q5 It’s literal meaning is Martial Arts Hall. It’s primary purpose is for Japanese martial arts. However, this place has been made famous by various artists with Live at _______ recordings. Bob Dylan and Cheap Trick->(another hint for Q4) are some of the bands to have recorded live albums here. Aerosmith holds the record for most nightly shows at this place. A national ceremony to mourn the WW II dead is held with the attendance of the PM and the Emperor of Japan annually on Aug 15, the day of Japan’s surrender. Which place / arena?

Q6 : 

Q6 Sitter: Identify Who? ps: A ruckus has been created in Pakistan over his reinstatement.

Q7 - Bonus : 

Q7 - Bonus CONNECT: ps: The order in which these pics appear should give you a hint.