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Wiki-Wiki Quiz : 

Wiki-Wiki Quiz

Q1 : 

Q1 This cross is different from the regular Christian cross in the sense that it has eight corners representing eight dynamics of life. It belongs to a ‘famous / infamous’ ‘cult / religion’, which is very much in news all the time. The practice is known for special techniques like ‘Auditing’ to bring out the hidden abilities of people that have not been realized. It’s precursor form was Dianetics and it counts Tom Cruise and Lisa Marie Presley as some of its devout followers. Which cult / religion?

Q2 : 

Q2 He’s a Noble prize winning game-theory mathematician. As a kid, he barely survived the Kristallnacht when his family fled to US just two weeks before the pogrom. Among others, he’s attributed to have formally introduced the concept of ‘Common Knowledge’ in the field of mathematics. An Orthodox Jew, he’s also known for analyzing the rationale behind giving land to Palestinians from a game theory point of view. His major contribution is for discovering ‘Correlated Equilibrium’ which is more flexible than ‘Nash Equilibrium’. Identify who?

Q3 : 

Q3 John Maynard Keynes, quite popular in a retro sense these days, called this man great-grandfather of his style of economics. A contemporary of Keynes, he tarnished his reputation by taking the worst call for the crash of 1929 by stating “Stock prices have reached a permanently high plateau”. He was among the first economists to have given a serious thought about the problems of inflation, deflation and unemployment. A member of Skulls and Bones society in college days and a genius in his own right. Identify who?

Q4 : 

Q4 He’s better known to Indians as the ‘American born – America bashing’ guy. His major work however is in the field of modern linguistics. A political writer and a pacifist, he’s constantly at odds with American foreign policy. He’s contributed ‘Panini’ (Sanskrit rules) for his modern notion of an explicit generative grammar. Identify who?

Q5 : 

Q5 He’s an Academy award winning animator and chief creative officer at Pixar. Known for bringing out animation hits like Toy Story and Cars, which he personally directed, and Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and Wall-E as a producer. Identify who?

Q6 : 

Q6 He’s a 10 time (__) (__) Academy award nominated film score composer. Born into a family of musicians, he made his name by scoring music for hits like American Beauty, Finding Nemo, Pay it Forward, Scent of a Woman etc. His brother scored the main theme song for another animation hit Ice-Age. Identify who?

Q7 : 

Q7 Among his latest title, he’s been called the Mozart of Chess. He’s the third youngest GM in the history of the game and currently the No. 4 player in the world with an Elo rating of 2776. In the prestigious Linares Chess Championship in 2009 he defeated Vishwanathan Anand. Identify who?