SPSS: A Brief Introduction

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S P S S : A B r i e f I n t r o d u c t i o n In very crude terms SPSS stands for the Statistical Package for Social Science. If elaborated a bit then SPSS is a statistical set software which is commonly taken into consideration when there is a requirement for interactive or group interpretations of statistical data. S P S S : T h e T i m e W h e n I t C a m e I n t o E x i s t e n c e In 1968 Norman H. Nie C. Hadlai Tex Hull and Dale H. Bent were the very first people who had created a software system and named it Statistical Package for the Social Sciences or the SPSS.

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R e m a r k a b l e F a c t s A b o u t S P S S : In 1980 this software was transferred to personal computers. In 2008 its name was modified and it came to be known as Predictive Analytics Software or PASW. In 2009 SPSS Inc. was acquired by IBM and got its name back in the original state as SPSS. Today it is well known as IBM SPSS Statistics.

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M a j o r C o n c e p t O f S P S S Majorly features of SPSS software are used to edit and analyze all sorts of data whose source can vary from scientific research to customer databases as well. Also Google Analytics and other websites make use of SPSS software to secure manage and edit their data.

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T o p 4 F e a t u r e s O f S P S S Generalized Spatial Association Rule GSAR- It is one of the latest GeoSpatial Modeling features of SPSS that allows us to create a time- series model with the help of information based on GeoMapping. Spatio-Temporal Prediction STP- This is another feature of GeoSpatial Modelling where the software allows us to create linear models of data which is collected in the system for the long run. Temporal Causal Modelling TCM- Temporal Causal Modeling is a feature of SPSS that allows the forecasting menu for the environment to assist as an addition to the best predictors of the environment. Offers Wider Range Of R Programming- As the combination is highly powerful this feature allows you to make a call to action to SPSS from R programming.

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T o p 5 B e n e f i t s o f S P S S T o E v e r y I n d u s t r y 1.Defend against risks and threats. 2. It is good at making savings for industries. 3. Enhances customer satisfaction. 4. Avoids problems that may incur huge losses to the industry. 5. It helps in the growth of Return on Investments or ROI.

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