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W h a t d o o t h e r s s a y a b o u t H i s t o r y A branch of knowledge that records past events. Study or a record of past events can be about a particular event or a subject. History is inescapable that taught us about the past future and present events.

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W h y d o w e s t u d y h i s t o r y Learn about the scope of the current culture. Learn about the mistakes that have occurred in the past. About the historical facts. About the different shades of society and region and the intersection of the technology.

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W h y d i d p e o p l e c a l l h i s t o r y t h e m y s t e r y t o s o l v e It is more than just solving a mystery. You need to see the clues. Bring all the clues to find the optimal result. Try to fill the gaps in education from the past and the present.

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W h a t i s t e c h n o l o g y a n d d e m o g r a p h y The science of vital and social statistics in accordance with birth and death. The population of pyramids and the fertility rate. The changes in population resulting in the factors to impact the birth and life expectancy. The factors that occur are war disease technology and medicine.The political and social behaviour of men and women.

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