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My Hero Walt Disney : 

My Hero Walt Disney

What is a Hero? : 

What is a Hero? To me a Hero is someone that amazes you in every way possible A Hero inspires you to do what you love for instance Walt Disney inspires me to build and try and invent new things the I hope can one day help people all around the world

Walt Disney : 

Walt Disney In 1901 Walt Elias Disney was born He grew up with his brother and sister in Chicago where they all attended Benton grammar school Walt Disney's over active imagination didn’t do him any good in school, he spent most of his time drawing cartoons and characters instead of doing his school work Walt Disney eventually dropped out of his first year of high school

Walt Disney pictures : 

Walt Disney pictures

Walt Disney cont. : 

Walt Disney cont. When Walt Disney dropped out of school he became and ambulance driver in world war 1 When the war was over he went home to continue to pursue his dream to be a cartoonist In 1923 Walt got a contract to make several cartoons so him and his brother moved to Los Angeles to start up Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio There he created “Alice comedies” and “Oswald the lucky rabbit”

More of Walt's creations : 

More of Walt's creations Pinocchio Mickey mouse “Oswald the lucky rabbit”

Mickey and Minnie mouse : 

Mickey and Minnie mouse Mickey and Minnie mouse both debuted in November 1928 on the episode of “steamboat Willie” the first sound cartoon. They are now todays most recognized cartoons in the world. Mickey mouse's original name was Mortimer mouse his wife actually came up with the idea for Mickey.

Walt’s milestones : 

Walt’s milestones In 1955 Walt Disney opened up “Disneyland” in Anaheim, California Disneyland was the only theme park that was designed and directly supervised by Walt In 1966 before his death Walt Disney bought over 28,000 acres near Orlando ,Florida where he planned to build his dream world as we know it to be today as Disneyworld October 1st 1971 was when Disneyworld opened which included a Magic Kingdom theme park like Disneyland, as well as hotels, golf courses, campgrounds, and shopping villages. Walt Disneyworld quickly became one hotspots of the world His brother Roy supervised the building of Disneyworld before he died that same year

Disneyland and Disneyworld : 

Disneyland and Disneyworld

Walt Disney's inventions : 

Walt Disney's inventions Walt Disney invented the multiplane camera which opened up a new world for animation This was the one of the only inventions that Walt actually made. He wanted to fill his parks with futuristic type inventions

Carousel of progress : 

Carousel of progress The carousel of progress was Walt's idea He first stared it at the New Yorks world fair in 1964 The attraction was put in Disneyland in California It only was in Disneyland for about 6 years and was replaced by America sings It later reopened in its current home in Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom in 1975. It is the most viewed stage show anywhere

Monorail : 

Monorail The original monorail system opened June 14 1959 as a sightseeing attraction in tomorrow land He envisioned it as a future way of public transportation in the future but it came at the time of the love of automobiles and stayed confined within the theme park In 1971 the monorail opened in Disneyworld

Gondola : 

Gondola Many people may not have know that Disneyland and Disneyworld both had gondolas called the “skyway” that took passengers to fantasyland and tomorrowland November 9th 1999 the skyway was removed because of to many incidents causing death and injuries and stress cracks in the Matterhorn roller battery supports The “skyway” held a capacity of 2 adults and 3 children with the average weight of souvenirs included

Walt Disney Pictures : 

Walt Disney Pictures Walt Disney pictures is one of the biggest film productions in the united states Walt Disney pictures has made over 8000 films and that doesn’t include Disney Pixar's which is only cartoons though

Quotes : 

Quotes “its kind of fun to do the impossible” “if you can dream it you can do it” “just plus it”

The End : 

The End By: Mitchell young Dedicated to: Walt Elias Disney My Hero