Most Common Reasons for Failing Your Practical Driving Test

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Most Common Reasons for Failing Your Practical Driving Test

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Practical Driving Test

Top Reason For Failing Your Practical Driving Test :

Top Reason For Failing Your Practical Driving Test You go for the driving test in a thrilling mood. You are confident that the test will be as easy as drinking a glass of water. However, the result astonishes you like anything. You couldn’t make it through. Did you sit and retrospect about it? What could have gone wrong? Experts say that most people who fail the test commit a few common errors. What are these errors? Let’s have a look.

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Using mirror When you change the speed or direction, or you move off the vehicle; never forget to check the mirror . It is a surprising truth that a lot of drivers don’t do it and eventually fail the driving test.

Not being alert at junctions:

Not being alert at junctions When you approach a junction, always remember to use the mirror. Experts say that a large chunk of people forget it and miss the driving test . You must take note of the traffic and adjust the speed accordingly. Keep a close eye on the fellow vehicles and the road.

Not correctly turning right:

Not correctly turning right When you are driving on the road and you are supposed to turn right, then it is vital to get ready for it well in advance. Come to the center line, keep a close watch on the right side, slow your speed and exit smartly. Complicated, isn’t it? Indeed, you must pay attention to multiple things simultaneously. It is the reason why many drivers fail the test because of not turning correctly.

Not holding the steering wheel properly :

Not holding the steering wheel properly The examiners mark three things during the driving test.   Do you cross the hands while driving? Do you not let the steering wheel spin freely?  Do you keep the hands off the steering wheel other than changing the gears? If the examiners find you doing any of these things, then they disqualify you from the test.

Not responding to traffic lights:

Not responding to traffic lights It is astonishing but true that traffic light related faults deprive the people of getting the driving license. Speeding through red lights, completely ignoring the lights. Whether it is a legitimate mistake or deliberate, from the examiner’s perspective; it is an error.

Positioning the vehicle wrongly:

Positioning the vehicle wrongly It is a mistake committed by seasoned drivers as well. You use the incorrect lane on roundabouts or cross over the white lane at some junction. It results in failing the test. These are a few things that may spoil your dream to pass the driving test in the first attempt.

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